Google I/O 2013 : News Roundup

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Google is literally on fire. Google I/O 2013 Developer Conference today brought a host of Android news. Here is a brief overview of the all news from Google’s sixth developer conference.

google io 2013 news roundup

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google edition

More than 900 million Android devices have been activated using so far. This is an opportunity for Google to present a new Nexus device that does not bear the name of ‘Nexus’. The advantage of using a Nexus smartphone is that you get the complete Google experience.


No commercial application other than the one supplied with the unit is built on the Nexus. In addition, you get the real Android user designed and created by Google interface. So, the next Nexus will not appoint to Nexus, but the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Google will start selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google edition at the end of June.  No doubt this device will certainly be very popular with geeks.

New Google Maps

This is not only the desktop version of Google Maps that will be entitled to a new version, but also mobile versions for iOS and Android. Let’s start with the mobile versions.


The iOS and Android versions of Google Maps that will arrive this summer offer some interesting innovations. They integrate professional reviews of Zagat, the equivalent of a U.S. system that Michelin and report the incidents, traffic accidents and real-time guide.

Regarding the new version of Google Maps for computers, map occupy the entire browser window. This means that the sidebar disappears. The field research will appear in the upper left you will all the necessary information.

This will be the place you select your route, the means of transport and additional information about places and shops found on Google Maps.  Sign up here to get the new version of Google Maps .

Google+ and Hangouts

Google+ is getting the big update, including the better interface this time to compare with other social networks. There will be a new triple-column interface. Google Talk is now Google Hangouts, integrated with Google+ and featuring a ton of new content.


Vic Gundotra introduced the new Google+ interface. New stream (news feeds), a new version Hangout improving Photo application. Let’s start with the news feeds. The new version borrows several elements already found in Flipboard, Pocket and other applications such as magazine.

As you may know, Google is testing dozens of new features, one of them is called Google Goggles. It allows you to search for a picture. A similar system has been added to Google+. When you publish a picture of a public place or monument known on your news feed, Google will automatically identify.

In addition to this on Google+ and Gmail , Hangout now has its standalone versions. Hangout therefore offer a version of Android and iOS . This new version will allow you to Hangout in private conversation with a group, conferencing and webcasting.

Google+ Photos

The which is now integrated with Google+ Picasa Web Application Photo ex become central image processing. In addition to storing your images on the Web Photo, now will enhance and share your photos automatically.

A system that is called Auto Enhance automatically improve the appearance of your photos . This system will correct the exposure and colors. Same principle which is sharing photos. Photo can automatically identify the most interesting pictures that could be shared. For example, the system will select the photos that your friends appear and exclude the photos are blurred.

Google Play Music All Access


It was an open secret that Google was preparing a music distribution service. However, this service is similar to that already offered by Rdio or Spotify.

In addition to offering a music catalog from Google partner, you can also integrate your personal collection to Google Music. For now, this service is only available in the U.S. for $10 a month.

Google Cloud Messaging

Google announced that its e-mail system, which is called Google Cloud Messaging sync notifications on all your devices. Specifically, this new means that if you have consulted your notifications on your phone, they will be marked as read on your tablet.


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