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Here is the tips to Increase BSNL Broadband speed. BSNL Broadband continues to grow as one the most popular broadband services in India.One of the major problems with BSNL Dataone Broadband connection is the DNS servers they provide by default. Most of the time they are very slow and sometimes they fail to respond.

BSNL Internet Broadband

To overcome slow BSNL DNS problem, we will use high speed DNS servers from OpenDNS. OpenDNS is third party DNS Server used to speed up BSNL Broadband internet connection. Here is a simple solution to significantly speed up your DNS resolution.

Trick 1 to Increase BSNL Broadband speed

Steps to speed up BSNL Dataone/Broadband Internet :

1. Open Control Panel -> Networking and Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connection.

2. Now a window showing all networks will be opened. Select BSNL Connection -> Right click -> Properties.

3. Now, double click on Internet Protocol Version(TCP/IPv4) and in newly opened window at bottom, select “Use the following DNS Server address” .

4. And fill these 2 DNS Addresses in two fields:

and hit OK. Thats it. Your BSNL Internet Broadband DNS Servers changed.

Trick 2 to Increase BSNL Broadband speed

If you are using a BroadBand connection at your home and using Windows Xp as your Operating System, and you feel that your BroadBand speed is a bit less, then in that case you have the option to increase your Broadband speed upto 20%.

  • First of all make sure you are logged in as Administrator.
  • Go to Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc , Press OK.
  • Then go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network ->  QOS packet Scheduler.
  • On the right it will give you the option of Limit Reservable bandwidth, open and and select Enabled, and change the value from 20 to O.

Now, your BSNL internet broadband speed will be increased. Thus, you can now enjoy high speed BSNL Internet broadband. I hope you’ll like this BSNL Internet speed increasing hack/trick. If you have any problem or other high speed BSNL DNS Servers, please mention it in comments section.

Note : Firefox users can use FlashBlock extension to prevent downloading of Flash content by default, thereby significantly speeding up browsing experience. You can click on the placeholder icon to display the original Flash content any time. This is more of a passive tip in that reduces data usage to improve your overall experience.

Disclaimer : The information provided below is for educational purpose only. The author is not responsible for any misuse of the information and discourages any illegal use of it.

Do you know more tips to Increase BSNL Broadband speed? Share with us via comments below.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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  • armed

    Thanks For this Wonderful Post

    Keep Posting

  • shan

    i m using vista . 1st trick not worked on my pc.Displaying “page cannot be displayed.

  • vignesh

    it says that the server no. is invalid

  • P

    The first step is nothing but using of OPEN DNS
    So it might work for someone and it might not for few..
    but using OPEN DNS is a good advice to avoid “Page can’t be found errors”

    • Thanks for the tip paranoid 🙂

  • amit

    i m using mac ….
    can u tell me trick for mac ?

    • Sorry dude…I never used mac so i can’t tell you for it 🙁

  • Manoj Pachouri

    Thanks dear Writer

    I was struggling to get some websites to work as some websites were working and some were not. It seems strange but yes yahoo was opening but google and nseindia were not opening. these both websites were not reachable on pinging.

    I had set DNS server as but when I changed the DNS servers to your and, all the websites are opening like charm.

    Thanks for saving my some of frustrating hours.

    Manoj Pachouri

  • akshay

    hi man speed is increased

  • Thats really great


  • buvan

    i m using vista , how to increase speed ??

  • nikhil

    i used the gpedit.msc option to enhance the speed but when i checked speed with it’s still showing 0.25mbps speed as before….???
    what to do???

  • narendra

    hai guys …!
    the dns trick initially worked 4 me
    but now it doesnt.!
    i dont know why ?
    pls tell me wat to do

  • Allen

    hey admin i found that this is the best dns settings for all windows version’s

    admin mail me your experience eith this DNS

    • Thanks for the Info Allen

  • Avinash N

    hi vishal great trick no.2……wrks with all dsl,even for airtel braodband.but do u have any tricks for bsnl evdo,even it has pinging gives grade F i.e poor.if u have any kind of solution please inform,thank u….carry on great work…all the best.

  • i have always got this messege dns server not responding.plese turn off u r modem for 10 mnuets and restart .pla helm me i use dataone 750 plan unlimited plan last 3 years but last one month i have that problem .srry my english is not very good.

  • iyer

    My dataone connection is set to “obtain IP address automatically” and “obtain DNS server address automatically”. How do i set the default (automatic) DNS to the above

  • Neha

    Thnks for Trick
    Now i  Got 60KBPS

    • That’s really great Nisha…

      Enjoy 🙂

  • Vinay

    Thnks in advance, let me try it out

  • aks

    1st trick is not good for any telecommunication provider service holder cause pings and latency rates are so hign in open dns but ur secind trick will work if some is online gaming lover.

  • nidhin getng d error “the network addres entered is invalid”!!!
    i tried t manY times 2 enter d dns servers as u mentiond in this web page…
    Hope u will help me…haPpY xmas 2 all!!!

  • saravanan

    hiii… iam using 750 rs unlimited plan ur tricks not working in this.. pls sent me some another tricks..

  • coraljet

    if u wanna increase  ur internet speed, u may try dsl speed, it’s a software i’ve been using, it’ll boost ur dsl connection somehow

  • Nice trick. Did help my connection speed.

  • PCH

    trick 1 superb. trick 2 ….let me check 2 more days. overall nice job. thx

  • Sebastian Sanders

    everyone wants fast broadband internet these days, i got some 5 mbps connection at home.'””

  • Shahabuddin

    Plz Give me a working trick for bsnl broadband connection i m using windows xp sp2

  • Jaspreet

    hello admin….i m using bsnl plan of rs 625 with 30kbps dnld speed… will u help me to increase this speed to 60kbps or more??

  • nitin

    xp users can use Internet Cyclone for speed.with this u can get 55 to 60 kbps downloading speed.and other vista and win 7  user install xp on their partion and install Internet Cyclone and applay changes .Now its working on bouth o/s with same speed .I am useing win 7 with 65 kbps downloading speed with this software

  • Esme Fisher

    broadband internet these days are dirt cheap, there are more and more broadband companies offering cheap service too~:-

  • abhi

    hello admin….i m using bsnl plan of rs 625 with 30kbps dnld speed… will u help me to increase this speed to 60kbps or more??

  • Sunny

    hay m using windows 7……… the first listed trick hasn’t worked ………when ever i fill up the DSN address … shows that it is an  invalid address………plz respond me quickly ……….my email address is

    • vish

      Check again u might hav entered it in TCP/ipv6
      entr in TCP/ipv4

  • vardhan

    i ‘m using windows professional n bsnl internet . ‘m getting only max 60kbps speed i want atleast speed upto 100kbps…….i hav used above but i din’t get the speed…!!!!!!

  • vishal

    hello vishAL….i m using bsnl plan of rs 625 with 30kbps dnld speed… will u help me to increase this speed to 60kbps or more?

  • Rakesh varma

    ThankU it increased my speed a bit 🙂 any new DNS Server address apart frm tis?

  • Rohit Jay

    my net speed is still same (30 kbps) even after both steps.
    Pls can u suggest some other trick inc my bsnl net speed.

  • bawa

    hey ppl i recently find a hack in bsnl system and i m getting speed around 270 kBps (not 270kbps) mean 970 mb in 1 hr if u ppl want my help just mail me at
    here is proof



  • TBZ

    these are not tricks or hack they just tried to become that they are only who know the bsnl speed up trick .mostly the bsnl do not provide fast speed by changing dns .dns are worht changing

  • sandy

    In my computer after opening adminisrative templates folder there is no folder like network or qos packet scheduler. plz help me. I am running WINXPpro.

  • Nithin

    well,dude what s the process for windows 7???:D

  • harishs naik

    Dear friends as per my experience in an ISP , the routers allocate certain windows in the queues for each mac address i.e, of your modem/pc/wifi-router/card . So after AAA ( Authentication , Authorization and Accounting ) the bandwith to your connection will be allocated , i,e to the device from were AAA request came. And for this connection contention ratios / CAPS / additional local service traffic will be added.
     So by doing some thing with your Gpedit ie., group policy editor wont work for any extra bandwidth.
    The type of connection which BSNL provides is PPPOE as I seen.
    I know customers always ask DNS server address etc but most often DNS server address will be dynamic. OK but it can work if number of hops is less .and hence latency is reduced.
     But there are other ways to open multiple connections in  queue.
     And torrents it depends on P2P traffic CAP/additional local service traffic. If cap are put it is same as C-ratio to your traffic to some kind of traffic. It is left to ISP NOC/DC Engineers to decide to put caps on different traffic such as P@P, VOIP , or any ports such as 5050, 5060 etc.
        Many software engineers mistake of browsing speed with traffic flow. Internet is not at all simple.
    There are many devices say media converters, repeaters, multiplexers, routers and least goes on.
       Some people try to establish with the help of router but it is illegal same as paying less price . And even some people penetrate the network with CO_EX modem which are highly offensive.  Dont go for such methods.
    The ISP cache is having high memory then SAN used in companies/SW dump . You can download much faster these.
    I would advice dont try for extra just check if you are getting proper speed, in
    Because from their NOC they can even track you.
    I would suggest a legal method.
    1> Ping to the local Network Attached Storage/b-RASS ie, to next public ip in your trace route.
    2> If there is packet loss in that inform your isp.
    3> Other wise just perform PC maintenance delete cookies, old browsing data from browse cache, check for any unwanted process etc.
    I bet this has worked 99% of our customers.
       If you are living in Bangalore Internet is much cheaper, the ISP’s are really in hot competition. If you are not getting proper speed in Bangalore just change your ISP, dont worry even T.V cable operators provide more then two ISP connections.

  • harishs naik

    Establishing multiple connections with same user ID is illegal/unethical , some people try with ISR-router and switches if you are paying for 256 and trying to get 256 * 2 by using network gad gates it is then illegal. 
    (please correct this in after line 30 / @ para 9 with this were I have written 
    ” Some people try to establish with the help of router”

    ” Some people try to establish  multiple connection with the help of router” – this is illegal/unethical).
    Thank you, (please do not use it unethically ) I hope internet will be used in development of our country  in education, business , agriculture etc.


  • Mohd Aijaz Khan

    Hello Sir,
    I am owner of an Internet shop and have also 2 Broadband Connection I have Monthly paid 22000 every month but both connection speed is very low how can i improve my internet speed
    Please give me an idea for improve my internet speed
    Thanking you

    • Which connection are you using??

  • navneet

    Hello Vishal,
    I entered the two DNS addresses as it was mentioned here.
    but I see no improvements in my download speeds.
    Do I also need to specify a new IP address.
    I am using BSNL 625UL combo plan.

  • manpreet

    sir i have use bsnl broadband wireless internet use .. this trick iz not workk.. plz sir snd me bsnl wirelesss internet trick 

  • bobby

    Hi Dear,
    I M using BSNL BB ul 750(512 kbps) plan with DNA-A211-I modem,also using window 7 ultimate (32 bit)witch DNS address is better for me
    or what can i do  any thing else for better speed,Bcoz the speed is coming 35 to 50 kbps

  • Gautam Mukharji

    Hi Vishal, 
    I have a BSNL micro Max EVDO MMX300C, earlier i was using it with my desktop with windows 7/Xp , now i have acquired a iMac , is there any way i can use the EVDO card om my Mac , I am having Mac OS X 10.7.2
    thank you in advance

  • im using bsnlbrd band of rs 900 plan. 8gb/mth speed up to 4Mbps as dere d many othr frnds in my flat dey uses d 8gb in 3 ton 4 day after dat d speed is negligaible. so wat should i do 4 dat. now d speed is hardly 10 to 20 KBps. plz hlp me.


    plz dude help me increase my download speed ….i am getting 30kbps download speed @625 per month..(unlimited)…….respond quickly……

  • neeraj

    hey i used this trick it worked for me in windows 7 first i got 30 kbps speed but after using it i got 70 kbps on 499rs plan but after somedays it again gave me 30 kbps please help me….

  • That DNS trick is for surfing . but what can i do for downloading?

  • Himank Pandya

    It’s here your solution

    fast broadband

  • navin

    there is any trick to increase bsnl broadband speed above 2Mbps apart from the dns?…

  • Chinmay

    These IPs are OpenDNS Ip. The have ping around 300 ms from India. Instead of that ise google public DNS.

    Primary :

    The ping is around 30 ms Great!

    Read more about about Google Public DNS:

  • Aabid Ansari

    Dear Sir,

    I have to try both trick but my downloading speed 0.11mbps and uploading speed 0.37mbps. I want more speed up please help me.

  • praady

    hello sir i am using bsnl 500rs unlimited plan. my download speed is just 10 to 30 kbps. please help me sir. thank you so much

  • Sarah Jennings

    Good thing you have shared to us some tricks in achieving fast download and upload speed. Because I am sure once the internet user doesn’t get satisfied with the internet performance, chances are they would switch to another provider. So its better to find ways and means in giving customer satisfaction.

  • ashish

    hey man that worked really well…
    thanks… ive noticed a change in mah net speed…
    thanks man keep posting….

  • Raj

    gud work guys,tel me solution for increasng the speed of win 7

  • Thanks Vishal Gaikar for this educative site that is indeed a great help in boosting the internet presence.Will definitely look forward for more available resources as well as for latest updates.Thanks! [ dsl speed guide (dot) com ]

  • pankaj sharma

    this post helped me to increase my broadband speed up to 120- kbps of downloading speed !!! (plan- 499 Home UL)… thank you

  • toney

    hello sir i am using bsnl 500rs unlimited plan. my download speed is just 10 to 30 kbps. please help me sir. please

  • sreenath

    hello sir am using bsnl 3g sim ,aircell 3gism , for 198 there giving 1gb after 128kpps speed only is there any trick after 1gb usage limt can u help me plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • sreenath

    in my office am using tikona connection am getting packet loss i called several times to costomer care even then remain same any body can help me plzz
    sreenth bangalore 9343009298

  • kamal

    i am using bsnl 625 monthly plan and getting 30 to 35 kbps speed of download..
    any suggestion to increase it???thankzzz

  • vivek

    hello Vishal,
    dude i m using UL625 plan
    i think my 4gb is completed
    so now i get only 30kbps downloading speed how to increase it to 60kbps or more….
    plz plz help me…..

  • sam

    visit for latest remix downloads direct links provided………fast downloads for bsnl connection having ppls

  • Ananth

    Shall i apply both tricks at a time

  • satish

    hello sir i m from mathura (u.p west) and using a 2g bsnl sim on a 3g modem ….on 14 dec 2012 like always i was downloading songs from on that moment my speed was around 20kbps then suddenly it went to 500kbps at zero balance for 2 days and when i again recharged with 98 plain first i was getting this speed then my services where block and when i recharge with 10 rps then services where started from then i am getting speed of about 25 kbps………please tell me what happened and why i am not getting that 3g downloading speed

  • help me

    hello sir am using broadband connection for rs 799 in these days my downloding speed has become lower what can i do for this plez tell me my mail address is

  • Joe

    May I know whether changing of DNS IP might be harmful for my system..? like, probability of hacking my personal details, etc…?

  • ajin

    working fine for me

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