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blinkx_logoNow you can search any video from the web that you want with most powerful video search engine, Blinkx. Blinkx is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine.Blinkx website have an index of over 35 million hours of  video. Blinkx is the world’s largest single index of rich media content on the Web, delivering more content from a broader range of sources than either Google or Yahoo!

How to Use :

Just visit the Blinkx homepage and enter your keyword. Then Blinkx will display quality videos matching to your search. Blinkx automatically starts playing the top video result on the left panel while other result are listed on the right panel with short description and source links. You can simply drag any result to left player to play.

Screenshot :


Users can search for videos, create personal video playlists, or build a customized video wall for their blog.Even you can submit your videos to their site. Blinkx displays videos from youtube,  HBO, Rolling Stone and so on.

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