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Christmas is festival for gifts and to wait for the Santa to bring lots of happiness for us. We are always excited about the surprising gifts which are supposed to receive from your friends, relatives and family members. During Xmas we look even look for the gifts and interesting this for your love ones and looking at the huge significance of this festival, we have come up with the top 5 iphone apps for Xmas. Let us have a look at them and see how you can make your Xmas exciting and special with these iPhone apps.

1. Christmas C@rds

This December, your Christmas will be full of fun with the Christmas card application which will enable you to create Xmas cards on your iPhone. This amazing apps is quite friendly and easy to use, with this you can create lovely greeting cards on your iPhone.

In this app you will get about 50 templates, text, graphics and colors to customize your creation with snaps pasted in the cards. This App support French, Italian, German, and Japanese apart from English. Cost is quite low and you can download this app in just USD 1.95.

2. Gift Plan

Planning when to send the gifts to your love ones is quite cumbersome, especially when you are quite busy at the time of festival. If you want to give gifts to your friends and relative and looking for a planner, then the Gift Plan iPhone apps can help you out in lessen down your load.

With this app you can store the details of the person to whom you want to give the gift and what actually you have to look for as the gift. You can get the details in calendar format, in chronological order or even you can filter the list based on various other inputs. The app is user friendly with beautiful UI with full retina graphics and lots more in just USD 2.99.

3. Christmas Countdown

This free app is quite cool and it is most popular iPhone app which basically counts the days until Xmas comes. This App with count down with lovely music, animated Santa and the Xmas tree.

You can select any of your favorite music to be played as the reminder; the most amazing this which you be look to see is the size of the Santa and tree, which grows as the times of Xmas comes closer. This free app is worth to download and to have fun in Christmas.

4.  Christmas Tale

During Xmas, children love to read and hear lots of tales on the Christmas, Jesus Christ and on various other historical facts on Xmas. This particular iPhone app will provide your children the lovely rich tale, interactive and charismatic story books on the iPhone.

Santa coming home, brining lots of gifts and many more stories fascinates children during Christmas. The fantastic HD illustration with engage your child and will pour lots of fun in Christmas.

5. Christmas Tree Decorator

This free app will allow you to decorate the Christmas tree with lots of colors, candy canes, ornaments and lights. You can use this illustration to decorate the actual tree.

These apps are quite user friendly and very affordable to bring lots of fun and to make your Christmas the special one.


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