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There are many factors that make one eCommerce website better than another and, if you know what those factors are, you will be much more successful as your website will be a more powerful customer attraction, engagement and conversion tool.


The fact is, a website that looks great and has all tools functioning at a high capacity will always be successful. With that in mind here are the key factors that make a profitable eCommerce website.  Enjoy!

Never hide important information

The #1 key is not to hide the info that people want most.  If that’s pictures, content or info and you make it difficult to find on your website or difficult to navigate you will lose customers. Nobody has the time or patience today to search your site, especially with so much competition out there.  Give them what they want and make it easy to find and you will sell more.

Professional looks

It needs a professional look as well.  Gone are the days when you can just throw something together and still makes sales.  Today people are used to websites that are spectacular and, if you’re simply looks mediocre, they’re going to leave and spend money elsewhere.

Easy to Navigate

If your site is difficult to navigate you’re going to have a hard time selling anything.  Having a search bar and a table of contents where it can be easily found and used is vital to keeping prospective clients from hitting the road and leaving your site without a purchase.

Suggest More

Suggesting extra items that your customers can buy when they are ready to make a purchase is an excellent idea. If, for example, you sell printers you should include some links in your shopping cart to inkjet and other ink cartridges. If that’s not possible include the same links in the thank-you email that you send after the purchase.

Having several choices for ordering and payment is a very good idea because, frankly, not everyone likes to give their Credit Card info out online. Ordering and paying by mail or over the telephone will keep the people who have a problem from leaving your site.

Contact Us option

Having a ‘contact us’ button on your website to answer questions and concerns right away is the newest way to keep customers on your site and making purchases. Today there are many ‘chat’ programs that will let your people chat directly with a customer who’s online and on your site.  That’s powerful communication and can mean a lot more sales.

Feedback Form

Including a feedback form will kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  It will show clients that you care and will give you valuable feedback that you  can use to make future decisions.  Put it somewhere easy to find so that, well, they can find it easy and leave some great feedback.

Quick Support

Finally, reading and answering emails from customers is something that you or one of your people should be doing at least once a day. Communication is the key to sales so make sure that your customers know that they can communicate with you and they will reward you with sales.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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