Top 7 SEO Techniques Still Effective in 2013

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In this time to competition in the World of web masters, everybody wants to be on the top of the Google search. But it’s not so easy now, because of massive panda and penguin algorithm updates done in previous year and also it’s still in update process in 2013.

Local SEO

As an SEO consultant, it was so easy for me to get on top of the Google and I was guaranteeing everyone that I can take their web on the top of the list. The techniques normally used by me were press release and article directories, because these type of linking looks so natural in front of Google. But after the hitting process of algorithm updates, especially panda; I was really shocked that what happened to my SEO. No keywords were getting good rank and if I do SEO massively then I got kicked by Google in that keyword.

After doing research of six months, I have collected some useful SEO tips that are still working after these algorithm updates, but these tactics really need hard work.

No Copy plus No Rewriting

Google is really angry with those who are just waiting for updates from other websites and copy them and publish the same content on their blogs. Only 1 result for 1 keyword in Google is enough, but there are millions of results in 1 keyword search. One good result with original informative content can fulfill the need of a user and there is no need for other results and blogs with same topic. Google is just trying to teach bloggers to write their own content without searching other blogs.

If you are writing your own content and it’s really helpful for users then you will automatically get good visitors via organic search. The most important thing these days is original high quality content.

High Quality

If you are not good in writing then you should outsource this area to some experts, because grammar and spelling mistakes is considerable factor in your search ranking. If your user is not able to learn your content and your content is difficult to understand for him/her then your content is useless.

If you are publishing articles without rich text format and having errors in it then surely you are not excellent in Google’s eyes. Try to clean your content from errors by using Microsoft Office and other available online tools on internet.

Link Building

I have previously mentioned that my linking techniques were not working because of algorithm updates by Google, but still Google recommends webmasters to make at least one backlink to support your article. This link should be from good authority and higher PageRank website. This link will help you to get indexed by Google rapidly and also you may get good rank because of this link, if it’s looking natural.

I would recommend you to syndicate your RSS feeds on available RSS directories on internet. These RSS syndication websites will grab your latest post and link with them automatically without any work.

Good Authority

You have to build your author rank to get higher rank in Google search. Author rank defines authority of a blog on its niche; for example if you are writing article on Android OS, then Google will give you good rank in Android and in other area you may not get good rank like android.

You can say authority is another name of quality and you can only increase it with high quality original content and also if you are having backlinks without anchor text from high authority blogs then you can increase your authority. It’s the best way to improve your SEO and I am using this technique from past 2 months and it’s really effective.

Good PageRank

PageRank is trust factor from Google on websites. If your PageRank is high then it means that Google trust you higher. One of the good way to get higher rank in Google is to build your PageRank high. Google ranks PR from one to ten and this PR depends upon backlinks your website have. If you want to increase your PageRank then you need to get backlinks from good PR websites.

Keyword Research

Before deciding title for your post, you have to perform keyword research on that title. Don’t choose title which has so much search results, as it’s difficult to rank better in those titles. I normally prefer titles with 10k search results maximum.

On-Page SEO

The thing in your control when you are writing your content is on page SEO. You should include you desired keyword in your article five to six time and make your keyword bold, underline and italic at least one time. Please don’t make your article spam by adding so much repeated keywords in it, if Google consider it spam then you will not get good rank. Also use your keyword in headings (h1, h2 and h3 tags).

The above listed SEO techniques are tested by me and I am sure you will get good rank after following these techniques. But be patient and work according to these for 3 to 4 weeks and see what happens.


Vishal Gaikar

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