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Recently Yahoo launched the new versions of their ever so popular Web email, which has become the major thrust after the company got its new CEO Marissa Mayer who was at the forefront trying to put the company back on rails.

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The new versions are meant for smartphones and the tablets that have become the rage today.  The focus now is on such mobile devices rather than PCs. The new versions are minus the ancillary features, thus rendering them with faster and better performance.  The idea is to let you log in quickly and get done with sending out emails as fast as you can, and carry on with your other pressing commitments for the day.

Yahoo manages to hold the number one position for its Web email service in the United States and is the most preferred as it is very user-friendly and can be used by young and old alike without facing too many complications. However, it ranks third globally, yielding the first place to Gmail from Google and Hotmail from Microsoft.

Statistics, however, show that unique users of Yahoo email steadily declined over the past year by  almost 16% in the United States itself and the worldwide decline percentage stood at 7%. Considering the total number of users, these figures matter a lot to the company.  Conversely, users of Gmail increased by 25%, and that is a great achievement for Google, whose presence continues to dominate in a global level.

One major reason for this as per analysts is steady increase in the number of young users. The younger folk prefer communicating through text messages, which is unquestionably faster than email and a lot handier, as it can be sent or received instantly.  The current move to revitalize the various web products of the company is to help improve falling revenues by concentrating on creating a well-defined mobile strategy. This has a large part of the technical workforce huddling frequently to work out a plan for developing new mobile products.


The result is an update for Yahoo’s mobile email app for smartphones that is based on the Android OS. This is also the first app that is a stand-alone for the iPhone from Apple.  Along with this was released another version targeting PCs running Windows 8 from Microsoft. This move, Yahoo believes will help their goal of making their products available on most mobile platforms that matter.

Yahoo realizes that most of today’s users of Yahoo are the ones who are used to the comfort of mobile internet devices. The rush to fulfill this need is felt keenly at Yahoo who have geared themselves up to the situation.

It is with good reason that Yahoo has ensured that the new PC version of Yahoo Mail carries fewer ads which has been achieved through bypassing the usual route of passing through web pages.  Previously the ads used to appear after each email was sent and before one could go back to the inbox, and many found this quite annoying.

This move ensures that users reach their inboxes a lot faster, and can complete their tasks and carry on with the others at hand.  However, to compensate this, Yahoo directs its users to its other websites that deal with varied subjects like news updates and articles, quotations for hot stocks, and short, interesting videos.

Yahoo mail for windows 8

Yahoo mail for windows 8

The strategy is to make the users benefit from free email services without upsetting them with annoying ads in between, which can only discourage a person from using the service. They believe in the strategy that an improved experience with their email service will help retention, which is the primary concern today.

The new version of Yahoo! mail is available on all major platforms, including Windows 8, iPhone and Android.

Source: official Ycorpblog


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