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Omnistar Affiliate is PHP web based multi-tier affiliate software used by businesses to manage their own affiliate software solutions. Using the affiliate tracking software, administrators can setup multiple affiliate programs and upload banners so affiliates can sign up and earn valuable commissions. Through this powerful tracking software every aspect of the affiliate program can be managed online.

It’s a browser-based affiliate software solution used by web designers and businesses to setup and manage their own affiliate programs.


Develop an unlimited number of Affiliate Programs

Omnistar Affiliate includes the ability to create an unlimited number of affiliate programs, allowing you to use the software to advertise different sites and offer as many programs as you need.

Work with an unlimited number of affiliate users

Omnistar Affiliate is built to provide you with the best advertising around, and what better way to ensure your income than not putting arbitrary limits on the number of affiliates you can have advertising your software. Unlimited affiliates means more advertising, and that means more income.

Compatible with all sales gateways

The affiliate software is built to work with any and all payment gateways, because we designed the software to respond to a code that is run on the thank you page. This allows you to use the software with whatever solution you are already using, making it even more convenient.

Multi-tier affiliate programs

Our affiliate manager includes a multi-tiered affiliate system, so that when your advertisers recruit new affiliates for you, they will be rewarded with a piece of each commission. This encourages them to direct new advertisers to you, and rewards them if they lead to more sales. Multi-tier systems make affiliate advertising even more effective!

Customizable Fields

Omnistar Affiliate also includes the ability to customize the fields of data you collect on your advertisers, allowing you to keep track of any pertinent information you feel you will need. This also allows you to customize emails you send out to your affiliates. This helps increase your open rate and otherwise improves the quality of your communication.

Guard Affiliate Links

The affiliate software includes the ability for affiliate users to generate guarded links. This means they can create a page for their own site that will be a clean link to your affiliate page. This allows them to use your links more effectively because the link they provide is more concise and on their own site.

Link Tracking capabilities

The software also includes the ability for affiliates to append tracking codes to their affiliate link. This makes it so an affiliate can post a large number of links and know which are generating sales and which aren’t, helping them to improve their advertising. Any improvement on their end directly leads to an increase on sales on your end!

Duplicate Sale Protection

Our affiliate software can even prevent the logging of multiple sales from the same IP address within a certain period of time, preventing duplicate sales that would cost you money.

Add Omnistar Affiliate Software to your site which is the  best way to increase your sales and improve your search engine ranking.


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