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Those who would like to venture into blogging as their means of income should be informed that it’s not all about writing posts and signing up for affiliates and ads.


Search engine optimization is one big factor you need to watch out if you want your website to rank among the billions of websites that may offer the same things as your website does. As of now, the top niches are in business and marketing, finance, and technology niches. Among these three, the finance niche is the most sought after niche among bloggers since it encompasses a great deal of subcategories.

Not only that, people nowadays are becoming interested in searching for ways to make money online, garnering a whopping 5,000,000 global monthly searches.

Halt! Before you buy domains and get some blogging done, let us help you with these SEO tips for financial website.

Pre-registered domain

If you can afford to buy a pre-registered domain, then do so.  That way, you won’t have any problems with regards to your SEO efforts. Make sure you purchase a domain that’s name is relevant to the finance niche; otherwise Google might have a hard time searching your website.

Also, link building efforts for your website would not be that hard since people would like to link back to you, as long as you link to them. Establishing authority is a must since the algorithms are sweeping anything that’s affected by it.

High Quality Conent

Once you have your own finance website, it’s about time you cook up some content to fill it in. Don’t just write anything that comes to mind. Think of your audience’s preferences. You want to be trusted by your would-be audience. You will want to be informed so they can share your content, thereby expanding your customer base.

If you truly want to convert your traffic into customers, then write content that is high quality and also informative. Of course there’s no harm in keeping SEO in check, but don’t overdo it.


Do you render services for a certain location? Or are you dreaming to be an international brand? If you are catering services for a specific locale, there’s no point in being too general, but going specific is the wisest choice. People will search for a keyword and they will append their location to that keyword. If you want to nab their attention, better get localized too. It’s better to invade local searches first, and work our way up to going global.

Website Design

Website design is another key factor. Instead of stuffing everything into one page. Create menus for each service you would offer.  On my website, I don’t just offer trading, but I divided these to brokers and signals, both ways to trade binary options. Instead of keeping a blog and posting tips, I divided it into sections of trading guides and a separate blog.

Being specific and condensing information can tremendously help search engines determine what is it about, therefore making it more possible to be found right away.

Give readers what they want!

People would search for services— and they know what they want to look for. Direct your audiences to pages within your website that they will benefit from. Visitors would want to dig up specific information, and not beat around the bushes. They wouldn’t go for just any service, but they would like to get why, and how they will benefit if they purchase a product or service.

When writing content for your website, you should be simple, but concise. There may be terms that would be confounding for most of your visitors, so it would be helpful to use layman terms if possible. If not, just define it in a footnote or expound on the term.

Most of the tips stated in this list may be known by many, but it helps to reiterate the facts simply because more websites are only geared towards making sales, not considering the user experience that is vital in conversion. Be patient in maintaining your website, and keep Google in check.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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