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When I bought my mac, first thing I did was change the look of my desktop and folder the reason being I like lots of colors around me. I do love Mac but I the boring grey color of Mac folders and files was kind of dull and that’s why I keep on changing Mac’s icons. If you too love to experiment different icons of you Mac folders and files then there are lots of apps available to change your Mac icons and my favorite one is LiteIcon as its easy and quick to use.

If you are not a person who likes to install an app for changing Mac icon then you can do it manually too. You just need to follow these few easy steps:

1. Download few icons that you want to use for your folders and files. Here are few websites which will allow you to download Mac icons from Appstrom, Interfacelift or you can create your own.

2. Copy the icon you have downloaded or created.

3. Now select the file or folder for changing icon and click on “Get Info”.

4. Now select the icon, which you want to change, it will be highlighted in blue.

5. Next click on “Edit” and “Paste” the copied icon.

Voila! You just changed your Mac’s folder icon.

LiteIcon : Change your Mac icons

Changing Mac icons manually is easy and now for the techies who love to use free app for changing their Mac icons. I prefer to use LiteIcon app for changing my Mac icons as I don’t have to do lots of copy paste just select the folder and drag the icon. Check out how to change your Mac icons using LiteIcon:

1. Install Lite Icon and open it. Here is the link to install LiteIcon.

2. The best part of LiteIcon is that it shows all your folders, applications, drives, dock at once so that it makes it very easy to change the Icon of Mac folders or applications.


3. Here I am changing Icon of Finder, I really find it boring because of its Grey color. Select “Dock” on Lite Icon.

4. Now drag the Icon you want to replace instead of existing Finder Icon. (You can download or create your own)

5. Click on Apply changes and done.

You can change your other folder, apps or system files icons same way. It also restores all the system’s icons and to restore the original just drag the replaced one out. Isn’t it’s a child play? So play with LiteIcon and let us know how you liked the new look of your Mac.

Download Link to LiteIcon


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