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Throughout history, people have flocked to print shops, stationary stores, and office supply chains to design and purchase their printing needs. It all started with Gutenberg’s Bible and moveable type; now we’re on to something much more astounding.

With the rise of commercial postcard printing websites and DIY printing services, people no longer need to hop in their vehicles, drive for miles into town, and enlist the services of a printing company. In fact, consumers are now in charge of the whole print production, and that makes things a lot cheaper and much more efficient. It doesn’t even take a college degree to handle the endeavor.


There are a number of benefits that come along with using an online postcard printing services. It may seem tricky in selecting the right postcard website, but once you find one that fits your taste, you’ll be able to reap a number of stationary choices, creative designs, and affordable shipping rates. For those who have never utilized the services of online postcard/stationary companies, here are three benefits you’ll come across.

Unique Designs

Design is one of the most important aspects of putting your cards and stationary together. People get countless items handed out to them and mailed to them each year, so it’s important that your printed items stand out. Most every print shop you venture into will have a limited selection of designs, but online stationary stores have thousands of templates, themes, palettes, colors, fronts, and designs you can utilize.

Year-Long Coupons

With the rise of coupon websites like Groupon,, and RetailMeNot, consumers rarely have to pay full price when getting their cards printed. For years I had avoided putting together a family Christmas card simply because of the high price I knew I would pay at print shops and stationary stores. Now, almost every holiday there always seems to be numerous ongoing coupons for a vast number of postcard websites. So, if you come across a website you love but can’t afford the cost, wait around until a coupon hits your email inbox. I can almost promise it will.

Creative Control

Not long ago much of what happened in the world was very streamlined and out of our hands. With the rise of social media and technology, people are now able to do a number of things much more hands-on and efficiently, including their printing. With online postcard printing, people are able to directly control what design they, where everything is laid out on the card, what the card says, etc. In fact, many online postcard companies install easy-to-understand software for people to operate in designing their postcards.

Long gone are the days when people ventured off to the local print shop to get cards or stationary printed. Online stationary websites have revamped and revitalized the postcard printing world and are more useful to people now more than ever. These three postcard printing benefits are just some of the few that come along with ordering your postcards, stationary, business cards, and other print needs online.


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