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Writing an essay can be done in any fashion, be it in a systematized or wing it way. For the sake of discussion, let us talk about how-to-essay on a step by step note.


The first thing you have to do is find a topic. Now this can either be assigned or you choose it depending on what the essay you need to write is for. Once you have a topic, make sure you do some extensive research on primary resources you could use as the basis of your work.

Once you are done with that, give a general overview of the topic while listing all the key points of your work since this will be later used for your outline and the rest of your essay. Finally, you should write a shortened version of your opinion which will be used as explanation for facts needed in the body paragraphs.

Now, prepare an outline with your ideas and once you have listed them, write an introduction with either background of the topic you wish to write about or a trivia or anything that is related and catches your readers’ attention. You must also make sure to include your thesis statement and that thesis statement will be your main point.

The next step is to write your body and usually it is done in three to five body paragraphs. As you write your body, make sure to leave out unnecessary information and only include those which need to be explained and backed up with information gathered from your extensive research. Make sure that all information will be able to fit your body paragraph’s basic structure and that your main idea should always be supported all throughout.

Lastly, in writing your conclusion, be sure to bring a closure to the entire topic by summing up all your valid points and ideas while providing your final argument for your topic. You should write the conclusion in three to five sentences.

How to write the perfect essay

Writing an essay can be done by anyone but if there is an exercise or even a quiz to get the perfect essay, you better make sure to bring your A-game because a lot of students will be vying for that A+ grade. Now, as you go about trying to write your work, you wonder how to write the perfect essay. Well then, by following these simple basic steps how to write the perfect essay, you can have an idea on where to begin and end your piece.

First off, find a suitable topic which is related to the field or the subject you are taking or make sure to do extensive research on it such as finding primary and secondary resources from reputable websites or your old pal, the library. Once you are done with that, make sure to write your outline. The outline must contain all your topics, including your sub-topics and maybe a brief overview on what you should be writing for that section.

The next step is to write the introduction. Make sure that you are able to develop your thesis statement and then give out facts or ideas on the topic you need to write about so that the audience would know what to expect. It is also highly advised that you are able to attract yur reader just from this part alone so they may be able to continue reading your piece.

Now comes the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs should contain the source materials you have researched on and explain it in the body paragraph so that you are able to support your thesis statement. Make sure that this is always factual and if you have your own opinion, back it up from literary works or reputable secondary sources. Always make sure that all the things you speak about in this section are relevant to the essay’s idea as getting side-tracked will do nothing good for your work.

Lastly, for the conclusion. As you write the conclusion, make sure that you are able to reaffirm your thesis statement and be able to summarize your entire work. The conclusion is also usually made up of three to five sentences and that it should be able to review your main point(s). After that, make sure to go over your essay and apply appropriate editing.


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