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Algadon is a free online fantasy role playing game which is set in the medieval land of Algadon. This game is absolutely  free and you can easily play it in your web-browser. Algadon enables players to explore the land, perform quests, battle monsters and ferocious beasts, place bounty on other player, fight other players, and attempt the best of the missions. Players can form a group of friends and communicate through private messages, and also post public messages on the profiles of other players.

There are 15 races to choose from when you get started–namely dragon, orc, elf, dwarf, mage, mystic warrior, elemental forest princess, archer, sorcerer, sorceress, assassin, barbarian, realm defender, knight, and merchant. There  are 4 more characters available to premium members.

Playing Algadon is very simple. Just start from the Level 1 and to advance you need to complete quests. The quests at the beginning are pretty simple. For completing quests, you may get Gold,Experience, Strength or a dropped item. There are two types of experiences – Strength Experience and Defence Experience. Strength Experience is quite easy to gain through the quests, but to gain Defence experience, you have to fight with another player or a boss.

You can play this game with your friends and join a chat room with them , send private messages to one another, or post public messages on another player’s profile. As you advance through the game, additional quests, weapons, armor, and more become available to you. Algadon is also available on both iPhone and Android also if you are a MySpace user, you will be please to know that you can play Algadon on MySpace as well. So don’t wait just join journey within the mystical land of Algadon.


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