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Advertising is the lifeblood of a blog, especially if you are looking to gain monetary benefits. There are two sides to online advertising. One is the organic way of employing search engine optimization (SEO) practices to get your blog listed on the search engine results page (SERP).


The second one is by searching for advertisers to display their advertisements in your blog. Getting listed on popular search engines can be done organically and inorganically. The organic way of being listed on SERP is by employing SEO strategies, while the inorganic way is by adopting search engine marketing (SEM) strategies.

SEM requires blog owners to spend money and the amount varies from search engine to search engine. Though SEO is gratis, it is time consuming and does not deliver definite results. There are certainly many other ways to advertise your blog, one such prime way is finding private advertisers.

Finding advertisers of late has become a tedious task as advertisers are reluctant to display their advertisements to all the blogs that pop up. The prime reason why advertisers are reluctant is that they have their brand to defend and any stray may jeopardize their brand recognition.

While private advertising generates a major chunk of online revenue, one can also opt for Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising with providers like Google AdSense, Clicksor and Amazon Affliates to generate additional income. Finding advertisers is vital to promote and enjoy monetary benefits from your blog. I have elaborated below a few tips that will help you find advertisers for your blog.

Advertise Here

Though advertisers are hard to come by on the Web, there are still many advertisers who look for blogs that offer space for advertising. So, it is advisable that you create a separate page, or image on your home page with a caption ‘Advertise Here’. The objective is to let your visitors know that you are willing to display advertisements. You can also create a separate page for this purpose and furnish all the advertising related information.

Submit blog to Popular websites

Make sure your blog is listed on popular websites like Blog TopSites and Technorati, as advertisers often look out for top blogs in a niche with the help of these websites. Advertisers also check for traffic details and other blog analytics on MozRank and Alexa to get to know about a blog.

Interact with other blogs

Interact with other blogs in your niche in order to improve blog metrics and build a community in your niche. Being part of a blog community lets you promote your blog and also gain the all-important trust in your niche. Advertisers nowadays, are interested in working with a group of proven blogs, rather than an individual blog. So, it is important to be a part of blog groups.

Create page for blog overview

Create a separate page for FAQs and include all the blog metrics like traffic, number of unique visitors and page views, and other answers to possible questions. This will help advertisers find required information and decide quickly. Finally, elaborate on the details of the number of subscribers and the different verticals your blog covers.


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