Advantages of Content Optimization

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Here are Advantages of Content Optimization. The best and most effective content in the web is one that speaks value to real readers. Writing must incorporate good structure with the right optimization. In this article, we will feature the top three advantages of content optimization with cautious reminders not to overplay against Google’s constraints.

Advantages of Content Optimization

Content Optimization

1. Attract More Visitors to Your Site

No matter how you put it, visitors are always hungry people in search of information they need. Through the search engines, they land to webpages in the hope for answers to their concerns. For instance, the searcher is a sufferer of psoriasis. He would like to know what the natural treatments are or the home remedies for this skin disease. Frustrated by medical prescriptions given to him without any success, he turns to online sites to determine which creams or ointment will be helpful.

If you are a webmaster or blogger focusing on this niche and have your content optimized, search engines will be more than glad to feature your page as one of the first few appearing on the users’ screen. When your content is ranked on top, you will naturally get more visitors.

Just make sure that you are attracting visitors for the right cause and not to lead them to unrelated content. Remember that as much as your integrity is at stake here, Google will also put your website down to the bottom of the results page if you do any bad tricks.

2. Strengthen Capability

The web is full of text, graphics, and other content. We are just not sure which of them are really reliable for our trust. There are many bloggers claiming to be experts. But what they offer are junk or trashy content with stuffed keywords that make no sense at all. Search engines do not find these pages friendly to users, and they are watchful of these types of content. To be on the right track, optimize with the right title tags, meta description, headlines and body.

Getting users to visit your site does not have to be a hard sell. Writing valuable content is a big part of this strategy. This is all how you can gain you a higher authority status in your niche among customers, peers, and social media. But be careful not to have hidden text and extremely small font sizes for your text. These are improper wordings that Google sense as unethical forms of writing. As a consequence, your site may punished for being “too optimized.”

3. Improve Ranking

Related to the first point, what gets search engines improve your ranking is your page statistics. They are concerned with the number of views, bouncing rate, and level of engagement you’re dealing with your audiences for the most part. Also, they examine the relevance of keywords according to searches performed by users. Just make sure that when you write something, you must be talking to readers and not to search engines.

Sure, you have to encode keywords to enhance the quality of your document. But a little too much can be irritating to the eyes of both users and search engines. You won’t get penalized if your content has no more than 1.5% of obvious keywords.


Readers love articles, but Google doesn’t like articles that are too optimized. It’s important to optimize your content but not overdo it in a way that the right message is not sent across with more extra keywords than the essential stuff. Google is becoming more active in dispensing penalties for those rather artificial contents.

This means that they reward well-written and organized content. But at the same time, they punish the ones with low quality—the ones called “posers.”


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