Microsoft Rolls Out Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers in the market but it is gradually losing out to Chrome and Firefox. Therefore, Microsoft is frantically trying to make its IE more attractive by continuously polishing the features to gain back lost users.

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However, the benchmark tests prove that IE still needs to advance in many aspects. It has to become faster, smarter and more flexible. Though its fame has been waning, Microsoft has never taken a step back in its efforts to make it the most popular browser. Microsoft’s untiring efforts have resulted in the unveiling of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7. IE 10 came preloaded with Windows 8 and people who own devices powered by Windows 8 have already been using IE 10.

Windows 8 is a touch-friendly platform which is meant for use in smart devices. However, it did not get a positive response in the market because people who change their OS keep going to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. It has been said that Windows 7 was not as functional as expected but still people prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8. At the current rate of licensing, it will take Windows 8 at least two more years to catch up with Windows 7.

What’s new in Internet Explorer 10

IE 10 appeared in the scene last month when Windows 8 platform was released. At the time of its roll out, there were as many as 670 million users of Windows 7 and most of them didn’t want to upgrade to Windows 8. This has forced Microsoft to make IE 10 available for Windows 7 users.

Despite the efforts of Microsoft to make Internet Explorer 10 available for Windows 7 users, it might not catch on as expected because it is meant for touch controlled devices. A significant number of Windows 7 users don’t use it on touch enabled devices. Therefore, they will not want to use IE 10.

Regardless of the fact that Internet Explorer 10 has got not-so-positive predictions, it has some cool features which make using it more comfortable. One of the features is swipe to scroll. IE 10 users needn’t keep scrolling to visit consecutive pages but just swipe across the screen to visit the other pages. It is just like flipping the pages of a book. Moreover, IE 10 has got options for rich visual effects like CSS 3D transforms, SVG filter effects, CSS text shadow, CSS3 animations, and more.

The page layouts are sophisticated in IE 10 with positioned floats, flexbox, multi-column content for different views, HTML 5 forms, validation, input controls, and others. The enhancements made and the security measures are good reasons to try using IE 10. Another point to be noted is Microsoft’s app store isn’t a serious competitor to Apple or Google who boast of over 700,000 apps.

Therefore, Microsoft needs to fill its app store with more useful apps before it can land in the market with a thud. The new features that Microsoft has introduced in Internet Explorer 10 are impressive and this may create new trends. These new features may create a necessity for Chrome and Firefox to adapt to the change and offer the same in order to retain their appeal.

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