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I have compiled a list of Top 10 iPhone 5 apps for you. After all that expectation, the iPhone 5 is finally here and everyone’s in agreement that the wait has been worth it. Many are calling it the best Apple phone ever and there are people on both sides of that debate. The new iPhone comes with a bigger, 4” screen that necessitates updated iPhone 5 Apps.

iphone 5 apps

The new operating system, version iOS 6 demands that your iPhone 5 Apps are optimized for the larger screen and for the better OS too and the good news is that now they are. Here is a look at some of what’s iPhone 5 Apps in store for you.

Best iPhone 5 Apps

1. Evernote


Evernote made note taking fun, easy and essential. This is an app that allows you to set location, images and keywords to your notes and once you try it, you’ll not be comfortable without it. With the new iPhone 5 and iOS6, you have an enhanced view of your notes and what’s more the new operating system integrates Facebook with Evernote which makes sharing your ideas even easier.

2. Instapaper


Instapaper app – Offline reading support isn’t a new concept for the operating system but here’s an actual, dedicated app for it. Thanks to Instapaper, you can save the article you wanted to read for your coffee break or lunch hour. No wonder then that the app is incredibly popular. Now with a taller screen, there’s more joy in the whole experience.

3. CNN – One of the Best iPhone 5 apps

CNN app is one of the best app available for the iPhone 5 and that’s I have added it into the top 10 iPhone 5 apps list. The trusted news site stands for reliable news, delivered and is an old favourite of the Apple stable. In fact, the CNN app was one of the things highlighted in the keynote address at the launch of the iPhone 5 and if that doesn’t convince you this is a good app, what will?

4. NY Times


Enjoy world-class multimedia with video and slide shows located within articles and in the Video and Photos sections. Save articles to revisit later from any device, and add your favorite blogs to your section list so that they are always updated and easily accessible. We’re staying with the news and what better than the New York Times? This acclaimed newspaper makes its way to your phone and you can enjoy prize winning journalism in bigger, bolder print.

5. Twitter


How can a list of updated apps for the iPhone 5, not have Twitter? 140 characters or less never looked as good as it does on this platform. The micro blogging site now runs on version 5.0 which makes it work beautifully with the iOS6. Besides, this is an app that is beautifully integrated with the operating system anyway, so you know it’s bound to be good.

6. Shazam


This almost magical app lets you play small portions of songs and gets back to you with song title, artist and album name. it is a brilliant music tagging tab and thanks to the updated OS and phone, its beats will play on for you. With unlimited tagging use Shazam as much as you want, and experience more of what you like, faster.

7. Reeder


The app store is no stranger to RSS but Reeder is a class apart. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and this is an app you cannot afford to miss. Please note: the use of all three services is optional, which means it’s possible to use Reeder only as either Fever, Readability or Google Reader client. But one of these is required to use the app, of course.

8. Temple Run


Temple Run app that has never looked back since its release and it continues to thrive in the iPhone 5 environment. Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, and see how far you can run!

9. Asphalt 7: Heat


When we talk about the gaming apps, Asphalt 7: heat is a great app. If you love driving games, it is the one which has been optimized for this great Smartphone. Wide screen of iPhone 5 gives you a better experience and you can enjoy it.

10. Flipboard

flipboard-iphone 5

Flipboard is an older application, which was available for the previous iPhone users too. On iPhone 5 icons look bigger and and other images are larger. You will not see any reall changes for the iPhone 5. However, when you start reading articles you will feel the difference.

Apart from all this, there are Apple’s own iPhone 5 Apps which have undergone an update. You can enjoy a better version of a host of in house apps including iTunes U, Find my Phone, iBooks, iWork, iPhoto and GarageBand.

There’s a lot in store so check out the new iPhone 5 Apps!


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