The Best Alternatives to These 5 Popular Chinese Apps Banned in India

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Since the government in India banned 59 Chinese applications, this move had violated the privacy of indigenous users. Despite the government’s claims that the move would secure Indian cyberspace sovereignty, security experts have criticized it for increasing the risk of privacy against Chinese phones. In fact, the move had affected the app markets to where companies like Google and Apple were forced to comply to avoid any repercussions from the Indian government.

Chinese Apps Alternatives

In this article, we’ll talk about the alternatives to five different Chinese apps that you can get without violating the sanctions of the ban enforced by India’s government.

1. Triller (TikTok Alternative)

One of the issues that many TikTok users would face is privacy. In the recent security sweep from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), they saw that videos made by kids (under the age of 13) on TikTok violated the agreement of 2019. In addition, a child advocacy group had accused the app for not protecting the privacy of minors.

Want to be on the safe side? Then move to Triller.

Here are some of the similarities to TikTok that you’ll see on Triller:

  • Create and share professional-looking videos
  • Synchronize yourself
  • Participate in different challenges
  • Create music videos
  • Access the top trend paths
  • Group videos (similar to TikTok’s Duet)

With over 100 filters and an AI video-editing algorithm that makes video-creating a breeze, Triller is an amazing alternative to TikTok.

2. Google Chrome (UC Browser Alternative)

UC Browser (owned by Alibaba Group, China) is the second most popular web browser in India and China. However, there have been recent security and privacy concerns about the app. In fact, Citizen Lab had published a detailed report in 2015 that revealed the major security and privacy flaws that had stemmed from the app, concluding that users’ personal information was sent without encryption to Umeng (an Alibaba analysis tool). Also, exact location data was sent to AMAP (a Chinese Alibaba mapping tool). In response, UC Browser tried to resolve these problems by releasing a new build; but Citizen Lab saw that that wasn’t good enough.

In 2017, the UC Browser was added to the Indian government’s scanner for suspected data theft. Plus, the app was banned from the Play Store for its misleading ads.

Therefore, Google Chrome is a better choice, if you want to browse the web without anybody monitoring your Internet activities. Google is known for taking protection and privacy seriously and even patches Chrome daily to protect its users against malicious websites and malware.

Download Chrome on your phone or tablet

3. Adobe Scanner (CamScanner Alternative)

Run by INSTIG (a China-based company headquartered in Shanghai), CamScanner is a popular document scanner app. The app was removed from the Play Store, after researchers had found a Trojan Horse module inside the app, especially since it was capable of downloading malicious modules without the user’s permission. Despite deleting the malicious code and returning it to the Play Store, the alternative, Adobe Scanner, was a safer option for users.

Here are some of the things that Adobe Scanner can do, just like on CamScanner:

  • Batch mode
  • Fast scanning
  • Edge detection

4. ProtonVPN (TurboVPN)

Managed by Innovative Connecting (based in Singapore), TurboVPN is a free VPN application which is mainly popular for its limitless speed and data restriction. However, despite its razor-sharp privacy policy, the business has strong roots in China, according to Security Affairs.

Instead, ProtonVPN (headquartered in Switzerland, and is protected by the privacy law of the EU) is your best alternative to a Chinese VPN. Despite its reduced speed, ProtonVPN is free of charge, has no data limits, and provides a good worldwide selection of VPN servers.

5. Microsoft Office (WPS Office)

Although the Indian government hasn’t banned WPS Office (developed by Beijing-based Kingsoft), it’s still a Chinese app that’s a part of Cheetah Mobile, the app maker notorious for releasing many dodgy Android apps that have resulted in removals from the Play Store. Not to mention, the app has many annoying ads and pop-ups.

Instead, go with Microsoft Office. This free-of-charge and the ad-free app are your one-stop for:

  • Papers
  • Laptops
  • Presentations
  • PDFs (and more)


Despite India’s bans on certain Chinese apps, you could always look to alternative apps. By using these apps, not only will you be protected when it comes to privacy, but you’ll also take comfort in the fact that you’re abiding by the restrictions, despite their tedious measures.


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