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Your iPad is a technological wonder and while many commentators hold to the position that it is a device built primarily for the consumption of content as opposed to creation, this simply is not true. Businesses around the world are using them to boost productivity. iPads are in classrooms around the world.

And as apps get better, this trend will only continue to grow. It’s no surprise therefore that there are many brilliant apps for students. And here are 9 of the best to get you started!

English Language Arts

The English Language Arts app for the iPad is mostly aimed at younger students who are still learning basic English skills like spelling, phonics and grammar. However, there are some more advanced sections of the app aimed at students in middle and high school that relate to studying classic literature titles like Moby Dick. For younger children, the app has a playful look that features a moving cartoon dog that helps run the learning sessions.

Language Development

Students that are learning English as a second language (ESL) often have a difficult time working on their language skills outside of a classroom setting because they don’t have anyone to speak with in their native language and English. The iPad app Language Development was designed to help with exactly that problem. Within the Language Development app you’ll find sections on reading, speaking and understanding both written and spoken communication, as well as a section on building vocabulary. Language Development is appropriate for language students at all levels.


Mathematics is a simple, yet highly powerful app for the iPad. Mathematics was designed for students that have just started to count, all the way up to college math majors that need to solve complex equations and create elaborate formulas. Mathematics is an interactive app that will offer help if the user is stumped, which many people find to be the most useful feature.


The Science app for iPad, available in the iTunes store, is one of the most popular for good reason. Covering biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, oceanography and astronomy, Science is a powerful app for students of all ages. The app is searchable, allowing you to look up what you need, and many of the sections even provide references for older students that need them for research papers. The Science app is also fun – you can pick a topic randomly and learn something you might never have read about otherwise.


For studying a GCSE essay example or for students that have to write papers or essays, the Pages app is a valuable tool. Pages offers full word processing capabilities as well as templates for all types of documents, advanced layout tools and single-touch commands and shortcuts. Pages also allows users to create and save documents in multiple formats that are compatible with the desktop version of Pages for Mac, Microsoft Word and Adobe Writer, Acrobat and Reader. App

The app is exactly what it sounds like – a fully functional dictionary for your iPad. The iPad app also offers regular updates as words are added to the dictionary, which believe it or, happens pretty frequently. As a bonus, the app has a thesaurus within the program that can easily be accessed while use the dictionary.


Numbers is similar to the Pages app, but instead of the power and flexibility provided for creating text by Pages, Numbers works on spreadsheets, which is important for mathematics and science majors. Like Pages, Numbers is compatible with PC products like Microsoft Excel and Adobe Writer, Acrobat and Reader.


Most all-in-one tools available for the iPad leave something to be desired in one respect or another, but that isn’t the case with the Produce app. Produce is a multi-purpose tool that’s ideal for students working on research papers or preparing homework for class. Produce also has a notepad where you can make sketches – of the educational kind, of course — and save notes during lectures. Produce even allows users to save documents in ‘project’ folders, making it easy for students to separate material by class.

Shakespeare in Bits

Shakespeare in Bits is an iPad app designed to help students having a rough time getting through Shakespeare’s work by breaking it down into smaller chunks, often with the help of fun, informative animations with characters voiced by popular actors like Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale. Shakespeare in Bits can help teach anybody about the important works of ‘The Bard,’ but the graphics and simplified plot-lines are best left to elementary and middle school students.

Still, a college student that needs to write a paper in a hurry just might get a kick out of the childish graphics while still being productive, and the in-depth notes available in a separate section of the app can definitely benefit older users.


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