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iOS platform supports various gaming applications that ensures to provide nothing less than pure satisfaction and amusement. When one chooses to spend their time on a gadget playing a game, the expected result is fluid and smooth game play. This is what Best Gin Rummy, a popular two player card game, is best at.


Programmed to run efficiently on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad platforms, the game is specially adapted to run in touch screen area for every apple product. The game is even optimised for iOS 9, iPhone 6 and 6 plus screens and runs smoothly on HD graphics. Playing this game is a polished experience of superior game play.

This universal game is a package of five games namely, Gin Rummy, Gin 200, Oklahoma Gin, Straight Gin and Hollywood Gin. Like every game, this game is also programmed around a set of objectives which a game player must achieve in order to win game points.

Best Gin Rummy Card Game Features

  • Universal app, supports iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.
  • Optimized for iOS 9.
  • Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 plus screens and supports HD graphics!
  • Powerful Gin Rummy game engine for experts and beginners.
  • Can choose “Expert”, “Skilled” or “Rookie” levels from the settings.
  • Users can arrange their own hands, just disable auto melding from settings.
  • Try two-tap-drop: if you happen to drop the wrong card, this option is for you!
  • Fully automated melding or sorting of cards.
  • Fully automated game play – meld, knock, gin, big gin, undercut and bonus are processed automatically.
  • Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI); plays like a human!
  • Game Tutorial for a quick start.
  • Supports online and offline gaming experience. Offline scores are accumulated and added to online score when the player sign in back to Game Center.

It features a powerful Gin rummy gaming engine, built separately for expert level players as well as beginners. The objective of the game is designed around forming a hand by combining together the cards into groups, also called runs, and to reduce the value of points of the remaining unmatched cards to 10 or less game points.

Touted as the best Gin Rummy game on the iOS platform, the aesthetic gaming layouts of the game and the marvelous screen animations, combined with amazing graphics and sound effects are a complete steal for a game player.

Card game

These features give an all-round gaming experience to the most ardent players, who will surely relish the experience of playing this game. This and the fact that a sophisticated artificial intelligence component is designed to bring the opponent player to life, adds to the thrill of playing this game.


Choosing to play this game, a player can select from among Expert, Skilled or rookie levels to play on. Among the features included in the game are excellent and powerful gaming techniques.

A user gets to choose his own hand, if he so desires by disabling auto melding option from settings. A unique option to reverse wrongly dropped cards is provide by the name of two tap drop. Sorting of cards and melding are automated processes in the game at the option of the player.

Adding to the level of automation are features like meld, knock, gin, big gin, undercut, and bonus. The fun graphics are a visual treat that appeals to the player immensely and amplify his gaming experience. Apt animations and artful depictions are a benchmark achievement of the game. Game players can engage in the game with game center and leader board options.

A detailed FAQ section in the game tends to any query, specific or general, relating to controls or objectives of the game can be accessed in the game for a smooth game play. The newer versions of the game have been modified to bring about an improvement in game speed control and various user options to control game play.

Supported to run on both online and offline modes, the game presents a unique gaming experience for game players. Offline scores of players are accumulated and summated with online scores on signing back to the game which ensures that game data is saved.

The enriching experience of playing this game on the iPhone and iPad platforms is unbeatable. The game is available for download on the apple play store absolutely free of cost, which is another reason for users to go ahead and install the game on their devices and enjoy an amazing gaming experience. The game has received four stars on the app store.

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