iPhone 5 Technology Speculations Ended

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There was a lot of speculation about the iPhone 5. The rumor mill is always brewing up new speculation when an iPhone is about to be released. This has faded into the background now that the iPhone is officially out and ready for the public to grab.


The Removable Storage Rumor

There was a lot of speculation about the internal storage of the Apple iPhone. Lots of hopeful fans of the iPhone thought that Apple was finally going to turn a new leaf. The company did not. Even in the midst of all the Androids that have removable storage Apple was firm about standing their ground. There would be no removable storage. There is a big reasons for this.

For years the Apple iPhone franchise has been built around getting more money for more storage space. People can buy the low end 8GB model or cough up a couple of dollars more to get the 16GB. People that really need a lot of storage would opt for the 32GB without any questions asked. This has become what Apple users are used to. If removable storage was thrown into the picture this would throw off the entire iPhone sales pitch.

Saying Goodbye to Google Maps

Apple fans everywhere were up in arms about the possible loss of Google Street View Maps. This was a rumor that actually came to fruition. When people purchased the iPhone and took it home they got a glance at the new iOS. Google Street View Maps was gone. It was a hard pill to swallow since all the reviews for Apple navigation maps have been bad. Nevertheless, fans dealt with this. The iPhone still sold out in stores. People still waited in line to get these phones.

There was a recent ray of light for the diehard iPhone fans that still followed through with their purchases. These fans got a chance to see Google change their minds and release Google Street View Maps for the new iPhone 5. There was definitely something for consumers to rejoice about.

The Usual Suspects

There are some things that almost always have to be done when a phone moves from one generation to the next. The designers must find ways to make it smaller and make battery must life longer. Apple somehow managed to accomplish both of these things. The engineers even tossed in a camera with more megapixels.


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