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I have composed a list of top 8 premium WordPress plugins. Sites play a major role in building an individual’s or business’s popularity. And, if it is a WordPress based site, it is not that tough about achieving good scores. Plugins have got everything to enhance the stand of any WordPress site or blog. If installed with an appropriate plugin, any site is definitely going to shine out. You must read my previous article about 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog.

Premium WordPress Plugins

But, it isn’t that easy to find a plugin among the several thousands available throughout. In this post, I’ve brought you few significant Premium WordPress Plugins which can be highly professional useful to convince any site.

1. Video Gallery WordPress

Developed by Apptha, this plugin can be the best for anything that is video. It offers the facility to add and control a cluster of videos to any site or blog. The plugin comes with an in-built HDFLV player which happens to be the secret for delivering high definition video quality.

The video search option is displayed in a separate widget to offer an easy search interface. It offers six different stylish skins which can be chosen as per your desire.

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2. Lightbox Evolution for WordPress


Lightbox Evolution is a WordPress plugin that features on displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a “lightbox” style that floats overtop of web page. Using this Lightbox style, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page. One of the best Premium WordPress Plugins I like.

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3. Fanciest Author Box

Fanciest Author Box

This WordPress plugin enfolds the option of adding author bio box to your WordPress blog. Using this tool, you can directly add your default author bio box on your post and there is no need of adding it individually each time a post is released. It gets defaultly enabled on the posts, pages and custom posts. The plugin can be added as widgets on your sidebars and comes in unlimited color options.

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4. WP answers


WP answers is a WordPress plugin that helps you to build a question and answers site. With this, when a user is registered on a site he is allowed to ask and answer questions posted by others. This plugin happens top be a great platform to allows you to interact with your site members.

There is also a feature to pull questions from Yahoo Answers which is auto posted to your site along with the answers. This could help your site to look busy right from the start. Also read 6 WordPress Plugins to Secure Your Website from Hackers.

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5. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin that transforms your standard WordPress installation into a robust drag and drop visual editor. This allows you to create complex page layouts with tabs, columns, sliders, galleries, social plugins and much more.

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6. Comments Plus

This WordPress plugin allows your users (readers) to comment on your posts via Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress. On the user comments on your post by means of these social networks, it gets updated on his/her wall or page. This widely helps your content to spread around the web easily.

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7. Directory Press

Directory Press is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a directory website in less than 60 seconds. It helps you to build website directories easily with an in-built thumbnail API for generating website thumbnails. Business directories can be created easily and quickly using this plugin.

Directory Press also allows you to create an SEO friendly classified website where users can post their own classifieds. You can also have a powerful affiliate website using this plugin.

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8. All in One SEO Pack

This premium WordPress plugin helps in optimizing your WordPress site for search engines. It generates meta tags automatically and you can also override any title, meta description and meta keywords. Don’t forget to read my article about 10 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO.

Download AIO SEO Pack

These are few significant Premium WordPress Plugins which comes in a highly professional and useful manner. Pick the appropriate one for your site!


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