Tata Docomo Launches Unlimited 3G Plan at Rs 250

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Tata DoCoMo has recently launched Unlimited 3G data plan priced at Rs.250 which offers full talktime with lifetime validity of Rs 250 and gives unlimited access to 3G data for 30 days.


Unlimited 3G Plan? Not Really

RCV 250 unlimited 3G data plan from Tata Docomo is not really Unlimited 3G data as being shown in the ads on TV.  This plan only gives 1GB at 3G speed and after 1GB, you will get a 2G speed which is 128Kbps.Now that’s like living in the modern age for 2 years and then flying back to stone age for the rest of the life 😛


Yes, you read it right. If you opt in for the Rs.250 ‘Unlimited 3G data plan’, Tata DoCoMo will give you just 1 GB of 3G data usage and once this data limit is crossed, the browsing speed will be downgraded to 128 Kbps with unlimited data usage.

I have personally confirmed details about this plan with Tata DoCoMo Customer Care help executive and and he told me that Rs.250 data plan is not really an ‘Unlimited 3G data plan’. Also Read about the Aircel Unlimited 3G Plan.

Unlimited 3G Plan TV commercial

Watch below the Television commercial running these days for Tata Docomo Unlimited 3G Plan at Rs. 250 with Full TalkTime.

How to Activate Unlimited 3G Plan?

Mobile Internet Settings for this plan is completely different than the normal GPRS settings. You will need a separate settings for this plan and you have to SMS ‘HVC‘ to ‘522701‘. After sending the sms you shall receive new settings that need to be saved on your handset.

Note that, Tata Docomo’s unlimited 3G data plan with full talktime is a promotional offer and valid till 31st December 2012 across all 2G/3G telecom circle for prepaid customers.


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