An Easy Way to Transfer Files from Your Old Computer to New

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Purchasing a brand new, shiny and up-to-date computer can be a wonderful feeling. But unfortunately it doesn’t last long, because you are soon faced with the daunting task of transfer files to your new computer.

Without knowing what to do, it can take quite a bit of time (and sometimes money) to transfer your files to your brand spanking new computer. But it should be painless and easy, therefore not taking any time away from you enjoying your new purchase.

There are a couple of different method for transferring your old files to a different computer. So here they are:

Flash Memory Device

The first method for transferring files between computers is through the use of a flash device. This can come in the form of a flash drive or even a camera card. They are fast, highly effective and a cheap way to move files from computer to computer.

In the past, you could only fit a small amount of data of each flash memory device. However, with advances in technology you can now fit several gigabytes on an incredibly small and cheap device. Allowing you to move files in bulk with little or no effort at all.


Every laptop of computer should have a port where you can plug in a flash drive, and many also now have card readers. These will allow you to utilize camera cards, such as SD cards for quick file transfers.

It is as simple as plugging in the device, dragging and dropping files onto the drive or card, then removing the flash memory drive. You can then transfer these files to your new computer with no time wasted. One downside is that if you have an incredibly large amount of files, this process may have to be repeated a number of times. But it still remains one of the cheapest and quickest methods.

Portable Hard Drives

The second possible method for transferring files from an old computer to a new one is through the use of a portable hard drive. Similar to the flash drives used in the method above, yet much larger in size. Therefore allowing a far greater capacity of files to be transferred at one time. They do however come at more of a cost, though not outrageously expensive.

Instead of performing several transfers one after the other, by utilising a portable hard drive you can normally move all your documents in one easy swap. Another great benefit is the ability to keep all your files on the hard drive for safe keeping. Allowing you to keep a back-up stored at all times.


Again it is as simple as plugging in the portable hard drive, then dragging dropping files onto the device. The moving these files to the new computer by reversing the process.

Other Methods to Transfer Files

There are a few other methods that you can use for file transfers between computers. These include the use of the internet, in particular e-mails. Where you can compress files into a ZIP format, then e-mail files to yourself. Opening the e-mail, and of course the file on your new computer.

Another method for quick and easy file transfers is via an online back-up service. Where you can upload files once connected to the internet, then simply download them onto your new computer through the online back-up site. Obviously you will want to make sure the website you are using is safe and secure before attempting this method.

Transferring files from an old computer to a new one doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know what you’re doing it can be quick, easy and cheap.


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