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As a blogger myself, one of the most frustrating things to do is come up with amazing images to complement my writing. While most people have a problem with writing a blog post in general, I seem to be able to churn out content quicker than I can even post it!

However, I have a huge problem creating attractive and engaging graphics to go along with my posts. I have had to look into options to make this part of the process easier for me, which is what I will share with you today. Make sure you have read 6 Ways to Edit Images On The Web.



You can think of this website as an Instagram for the web. Instead of being on your phone, Pixlr allows you to take an image and apply all sorts of different filters and edits to make it more dynamic. One of my favorite things to do is simply to give a picture a little bit of a vintage look or popout the saturation a little bit. There is not a whole lot of advanced editing available here, but it’s very easy and very simple to make filter or appearance changes, which go a long way in making a blog image pop.



If you’re looking to add a little bit more of a dynamic feel to your images, you can use this Jing website. Adding things like text bubbles, arrows, lines, highlights, and so much more is a very quick way to annotate an image and add that little bit of humor or sarcasm to make someone engage with your content that much more.

I use this website when I need to take what would otherwise be an ordinary image and spice it up a little bit with my sarcastic or witty comments. This is one of my go to strategies when it comes to creating images that engage with readers.



If you’re looking for even MORE than Jing, then you want to go with Splashup. It’s the closest thing to an online version of Adobe Photoshop that you will ever find. As you well know, the biggest feature of Photoshop is the ability to use layers. It is going to be one of the best and most expansive programs to use when you need to take an image and do some heavy editing in order to create the effect that you want.

I use all this Photo editing tools when I have a perfect image that needs a bit of a shift in order to get it more towards what I’m trying to write about. This might be adding some silly element, changing the colors, or adding in another image that makes the original image that much funnier.


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