Windows 8 Final Version Leaked and Available for Download on Torrents Sites

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And guys that was really fast. One day after Microsoft announced they had completed development of Windows 8 final version (ie the RTM – Release to Manufacturing – the version we see in stores), has leaked online and available for download on several Torrent trackers and other sharing services archives.

Windows 8 RTM available for Download

I have previously written some articles on Windows 8 including why Microsoft have adapted a new windows logo for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Application that Lets You Control a Police Car and so on. And here it comes, you can download Windows 8 RTM illegally.

The leaked version is the “N”  edition of the Windows8,  which does not include Windows Media Player (version for legal matters to Europe) and probably the arrival of a patch or activator will soon come. It is also a version of “Non Boot”, ie we can not start the installer from booting.

To get Windows 8 through legal means, we have to wait until October 26, although MSDN and TechNet subscribers can download it on August 15.  It is also a good time to review the three versions available:

  • Windows8
  • Windows-8 Pro – which brings features such as disk encryption via BitLocker, load the PC from a virtual hard disk, connect the other PC remotely, to be sold also as an “upgrade” for normal versions of Windows 8
  • Windows-8 RT (ARMS processor, such as those found in tablets)

Windows 8 Consumer Preview, one the very first day, hits 1 million downloads. Let’s see how Windows 8 RTM official download will works.

And speaking of price, we can update our copy of Windows 7 to Windows 8 for $40.  I will not mention the path and torrent websites names here but though you can search on Google and get everything there 😛 In case if you download windows 8 final version from torrents, then read my article which has a complete list of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts.


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