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Find below the list of Facebook Apps for Windows 8 Phone. Facebook is a social media site, but now with the new technologies it has become more business-centric. There are hundred of apps we come across each day, Facebook app plays a vital role in it and no one will say “no” to it and people always look for handy apps to stay connected.


So when I switched over to Windows 8 phone, I was using Facebook for Windows Phone 8 which I couldn’t feel the better survival with no advancement in its functions, though I love to have it. I have my business pages with my Facebook account; I felt it is my source to get more customer interaction. I wish to avail online throughout the day. Then with more queries I started to dig out for some Facebook apps that support my Windows 8 Phone.

I read information about a few third party Facebook apps that were mentioned over there and I just tried it on my devices and I felt it is not so bad to share the same with you. Each has its own significance and I leave the choice to you to pick the best-suited app.

1. Facebook Beta

Recent Launch. Hope many people have this with you on your Windows 8 mobile, if they are Windows phone users. This new updated version of Facebook beta version to has excellent features with new support for high pixel photo and video sharing, happy updates on timeline frame with a notification highlight.

Facebook Beta

With a name beta it has controversial talks, which is not 100% worth and many reported for bugs, but I assure with the iOS and Android notch it is so good to have in a mobile.

2. Facebook Pro+

This is a fast, comprehensive client app,where you can experience an optimized Facebook touch on your Windows 8 mobile.With the easy user interface of navigation menus, you can access the quick links on the app bar. With the top menu options you can view news feeds, messages you receive, photo feeds, event notification, friends request, updates on walls, live chat notification and you can send and receive chats.


So here you can have a real Facebook desktop design features live even on your Windows 8 phone. More highlighted feature it has is ability to work with low speed network. With this multi-customization option,it has been enhanced with UI structure. Easy to access and happy to use!

3. Ftouch

Touch on your mobile is to get interacted with your friends, You can experience a faster Facebook browsing with is app. It helps people who likes faster App or have many Facebook accounts. It supports orientations on all smartphones.


You can browse photos and feeds that updated on your wall, with remember browser function you will get notified when you login from another browser. It is good to have Ftouch, if your function includes multi-tasks using Facebook.

4. Facebook24

FB24 in addition to get and show the las 24 Facebook posts, it combines with the unique tiles, deliver your share feeds,updates and links etc., Just with the app on your mobile you can fetch recent updates and you can make it live via these tiles.


This helps to respond quickly to the news updates and feeds they share, tap your profile pic to see how it inclines the post, view and other options with like or comment.

5. Facebook Lite

You can share your updates faster with your friends using this app and has four versions with upgradation which has made it super hit with infinite downloads. With version 1.0 you can share updates with your friends, with v1.1 supports the landscape orientation and hide ads ability, this is more similar with another Facebook app named “fb App Pro” which is a ad-free Facebook client app, with more supported features of “fb Pro+”.


Version 1.2 has been updated fixing the issues of video. And final version2.0 with changing the app name with “FB lite” you will be updated with what your friends are up to.


Facebook apps are more numbered in the Windows store. I’ve compiled here a list of few which I found worthy and beneficial. If you start to explore with more ideas using these apps then you can see some potential benefits on your way.

I have used the word friends in the content, instead use the word business in its place then this will still worth as you will get better ideas and will think of what you fetch and what you share. Do you know more Facebook Apps for Windows 8 Phone? Share with us via comments below.


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