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Here are the top 10 Best Windows 8 themes. We all know that Windows 8 is the most recently introduced Operating System by Microsoft and these days, you will find every second tech savvy person installing this Windows in his PC or laptop. The story does not end here because it is not about installing Windows 8 only but it is also about finding its unique themes.

Do you know why the users want to have the best Windows 8 themes on their terminals? The answer is simple. Do you know that whenever someone logins your terminal what will be the first thing he will come across? It is the home screen, which is why every user wants to have a mesmerizing home screen to personalize the terminal in his unique way.

Are you also looking for some interesting but unique Windows 8 themes? If yes, then you are at the right place, as here you can find some of the best themes with unique characteristics.

1: Magic Landscapes 2 Theme

Magic Landscapes 2 Theme

This is the best Windows 8 theme for those, who love beautiful sceneries and amazing landscapes. Are you also one of them? If yes, then it is the best Windows 8 theme for you. The most amazing thing is that all landscapes are genuine and captured by a well-known photographer named Micheal Breitung. Thus, whether you want to enjoy the beauty of sky, oceans, or any other scenery then Magic Landscapes 2 is the best for you.

2: Call of Duty Game Theme


Have you noticed that gaming gadgets have become quite popular in last few years not only among the youngsters but also among the adults from different professions. This is the basic reason, which is why game based Windows 8 theme has also gained a lot of popularity and Call of Duty Game Theme is at the top of the list.

3: Beautiful Birds Theme

Beautiful Birds Theme

Are you a bird lover? Do you want different kinds of unique colorful birds on your home screen? If yes, then the best is to install Beautiful Birds Windows 8 theme for free. The best part about this theme is its colors and the automatic display of unique birds.

4: Simplex Theme

Have you noticed that many people like to have simple but attractive home screens of their terminals? If you are also one of them and the proud owner of Windows 8 then you must get Simplex Windows 8 theme, which is very popular because of its glass effect. Without any doubt, it is one of the classy themes and gives a soothing effect to the users.

5: Dogs in Summer Theme

Dogs in Summer theme

It is a fact that dogs are one of the faithful animals, which is why everyone loves to keep them as pets. Why do not you have them on your Desktop or Laptop? These days, Dogs in Summer Windows 8 theme has become quite popular especially in dogs lover. The best part of this theme is that all different breeds of dogs will be displayed in this theme with the cool colorful summer sceneries.

6: Classic Guitar Theme


Windows 8 themes are also available for music lovers. Classic Guitar Theme is one of the most popular themes, which attracts guitar lovers and compel them to set it as their home screen theme.

7: Aqua Dynamic Theme

Aqua Dynamic Theme

Do you enjoy effects especially the effects of water ripples when you throw a stone into it? If yes, then you should not waste time in getting Aqua Dynamic Theme for your PC or laptop. Once you will be having this theme, then the ripples will appear on your computer screen whenever you will click the mouse on the screen.

8: Cityscapes Panoramic Theme

Cityscapes Panoramic Theme

Now enjoying sites of many metropolitan cities is possible because of Cityscapes Panoramic Theme. Install this amazing theme for free and enjoy the magnificent sceneries of your favorite metropolitan city on your terminal.

9: Windows 8 Planet Theme


Universe is always a mystery for everyone and this mystery attracts many of us as well. People, who love universe and planets, can download Windows 8 Planet Theme for their computer.

10: Forests Panoramic Theme

Forests panoramic theme

Many people think that people, who do not like forests, have no sense for beauty. Do you think the same? If yes, then now you can enjoy the peacefulness greenery of forests on your PC or laptop by installing Forests Panoramic Theme on it.


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