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Since cell phones hit the market, users and techies quickly learned how to create their own ringtones and add a personal touch each time their phone rang. It could have been their favorite song, the most trending sound at the time, or even just a recorded voice stating who is calling. Since then plenty of websites and ringtone software has popped up and allowed easier creation for users.

Even with the increase in cell phone technology, these sites are still popular and useful if you want to create your own ringtone and can’t find one to purchase. If you are looking for a way to create your own personal ringtone, consider one of these top 3 online ringtone makers.


Whether it is your favorite club jam, a mellow tone that fits your personality or the voice of your favorite TV star, allows you to create custom ringtones in 3 simple steps. Simply upload the sound file, choose the section within the track that you want to use and download your new ringtone. The file will download to your PC and you can transfer it to your phone via USB or email.

If you want a popular song, you can also look through their library of ringtones available for download. They carry everything from Adele to LMFAO to Pitbull. You are sure to find a few ringtones you just have to have.


This site has been around for years and also makes it easy to create your own ringtone. You can upload the file from your computer or enter a URL if the song is hosted online. The easy mode allows you to choose the file format, the bitrate, where to send the file, whether it’s to your computer, cell phone or email, and even fade the ringtone.

Advanced and expert modes offer an equalizer that allows you to change almost every aspect of the sound, whether it’s bass, treble or speed. They don’t have any premade ringtones to download, but if you know what you want, you can just create it.


This site is more than just ringtones. You can also create wallpapers, find videos, listen to their radio station, and find apps and more. For creating a ringtone you have the option of uploading the file or entering the address to your cloud stored audio file.

Once you have selected the file you can choose the section of the song you want, length of the ringtone, fade options, and loop. Once you have completed the creation, simply enter your cell phone number and it will send the ringtone directly to your phone.

Whether you want to create a ringtone for a special occasion, hear your favorite song, or just make your cell phone more personal, creating your own ringtone is fast and easy. Find the song that fits your style, visit one of the top sites for ringtone creation and enjoy your phone even more than ever before.


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