How to Disable Auto Download of Audio, Video and Images on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications these days. On the play store, this app has been top free for quite a long time. If you are using the WhatsApp to stay connected with the friends, it automatically downloads the images. The user doesn’t prefer the images to be downloaded if the consumer is using the internet connection. Those on the mobile data may have to incur the high charges from the mobile provider.


However WhatsApp does offers an option where the user can disable the functionality to download the images and videos. The steps to follow to disable this feature are:

  • Go to Menu button >Settings>Chat Settings>Media auto download
  • The user can choose when the WhatsApp will automatically download the media from chat
  • Simply tap on the option that the user wants to configure and then select or deselect options from image.

If the user does not want to download anything at all, then he or she just has to remove the check mark from all the options and WhatsApp will not download any media to your device.


Images, videos and audio files that are downloaded using this method are stored in the Gallery app. So that’s how we can stop the download of images, audio files and videos on WhatsApp for Android. The option is life saver for ones who want to specify when the data needs to be downloaded. Media Auto download is the feature available for WhatsApp. The messaging service has been on roll lately with updates, support and bringing the features the people want.


Under the settings users in the beta testing group will find media auto download selector. Media auto download helps the user to download the media files to WhatsApp. The users can choose to have images, audio and video based on these criteria.

  • On mobile data
  • On Wi-fi
  • On data roaming

The users can save the audio data and video directly into the phone. The auto save option can be disabled by deselecting the Image, Audio and Video checkboxes.

Now Whatsapp will not save any data and images when connected to mobile data. It saves lot of memory on the phone. This helps the user to free some of the internal storage. Whatsapp makes it easier and quicker to send the messages to the users across the world. Overtime these photos, video and audio messages takes up the space on your device and soon we get the message of not enough space.

WhatsApp is a great and useful app to use. The users can share the data with the friends and family across the world. However to avoid heavy data charges, this disabling function helps to make WhatsApp a great app without causing any heaving charges on the customer. This keeps the customer in control of the images that gets downloaded. It’s an easy messaging client for the users and features like this make it better than others.


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