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A VPN is fantastic when it comes to privacy and security. It masks your IP address and encrypts your data to keep your information safer online. It can help reduce the risk of your data falling into the wrong hands, especially if you are using public WiFi such as in an airport, or at a cafe.

VPN Affect Internet Speed

However, there are so many other cool things that a VPN can help you do. (read more at read more at

Watch things from overseas

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to watch something, only to find that it is restricted in your country. With some sites, such as Netflix, this is just down to licensing, but of course, if you use a VPN to appear as though you are based somewhere else, you are able to get around this and access the movies and shows you want to watch. This is particularly useful for fans of sports that are played in other countries where they aren’t necessarily shown.

Keep your speeds up

There’s a pretty big chance that your internet service provider is throttling your broadband speeds. This is where they restrict the speed of your internet, usually when you’re doing something like playing online games, streaming video, or doing peer-to-peer file sharing. It can be incredibly frustrating when things keep trying to buffer, especially when you know you pay for higher speeds. If your ISP can’t track your IP, they’re not able to throttle and you can enjoy your videos without stress.

Save you money on travel

One sneaky thing that airlines do is track your IP and if they see that you’ve come back onto the site to search again for the same flights, they add money to the price, because they know you are more likely to book this time. If you use a VPN and mask your IP, you just look like a new customer, so are more likely to get better rates.

Get more from “free” but restricted content

So many sites, especially online newspapers, for example, bill themselves as “free”, but they actually only offer a certain number of articles to be accessed for free, and again, they keep track of this by using your IP address. By going back onto the site using a different server with your VPN, you will appear as using the site for the first time, and can therefore enjoy as many free articles as you would like.

VPNs have a lot of great benefits and some people shy away from using them as they don’t realize just how simple and effective they can be. You simply download the software onto your device, and it does the hard work for you, in the background. You won’t notice any negative issues from using a VPN – in fact, aside from the whole new world of content you are able to access, you are unlikely to even notice it is there at all.


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