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If you’re bored and you’re good at drawing (not like me) then Draw.to be a site you like, since you can draw directly from their website and share your drawings with others. The idea of Draw.to is simply fun, either drawing something funny or something interesting , we will be able to choose between different types of pencil, font size, draft and even we can change the color.

You can draw a quick diagram to help explain something online; add some color to your tweets; create a hand-drawn birthday card or valentine; draw a cartoon; or scribble on your iPhone while you wait for a train/bus/pizza.

After you finish your drawing, simply click on the button Share and they allow you to share the places where you can, we will also get a link which we will be able to share with our friends. Right now they support sharing on Twitter, Facebook, reddit, FriendFeed, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Buzz, email, chat/IM/IRC and anywhere you can paste a link.

Draw.to Features :

  • 100% free — no signup required.
  • Share drawings on Twitter, Facebook, email and more!
  • Embed drawings in your blog or website.
  • Add to existing drawings.
  • Works in your web browser, no downloads required.
  • Also works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Draw.to is completely free and you can use from the iPhone. So you know if you want to have fun drawing and share with a friend, use Draw.to.

Link : Draw.to


Vishal Gaikar

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