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As you probably already know, having games on your phone is a productivity drainer waiting to happen. At the same time, however, we all need a break every once in a while to unwind, keep ourselves busy waiting in-line, or sneak something mildly entertaining on those rough days at work.

But before giving you all those must-try games, have you noticed that most game lists are skimpy on the word games? If you have a thing for Scrabble-type fun time, here are a few good ones for you:

1. Words with Friends

While Scrabble has had issues with copyright on Facebook and other online platforms, there are various online games that are basically knock-offs of the word game classic. The only major difference on Words with Friends is that the point values and placement of double/triple word/letter spaces are slightly changed. As the name indicates, Words with Friends enables you to play games with all your other dithering colleagues.

2. Wurdle

This one game is dangerously addictive. The Art of the iPhone, a blog that rates and reviews everything related to that ubiquitous gadget, gives Wurdle the stamp of approval for best iPhone word game. Wurdle is very similar to the “brick-and-mortar” game Boggle. It uses a grid of letters, adjustable in size, in which you identify words by drawing vertical, horizontal, or slanted lines, backwards or forwards, in order to form words. You are timed for this game, and at the end, Wurdle lets you know what other word options you missed. High scorers get posted on a chart.

3. Muddled

Ever get a kick out of anagrams when you were little? Remember? Reordering words to make new ones? If so, then you’ll absolutely love this fast-paced game that induces a trance-like state. Using both the iPhone’s touch screen and accelerometer, the game asks you to reorder words to make as many new words as you can. If you create enough eligible words, you move on to successive levels. If you drop the ball, your score goes back down to zero.

4. Crosswords

Ah, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned game of crossword puzzles. But unlike our parents, we don’t have to stick to the one newspaper to which we subscribe in order to get our crosswords fix. Crosswords for the iPhone is my personal favorite crosswords app. Its user interface is clean and easy to navigate, it has tons of puzzles so you never run out, and it’s updated all the time. While at ten dollars, this game is pretty pricey, you can try Crosswords Light first to see if it truly is your thing.

Recommended – Quibble [Promo Code –WF6FAMWWRXKK ]

Quibble iphone game is more than a word game, more than just a knowledge game, Quibble is a game of intellectual intuition. It doesn’t just test what you know, it challenges your ability to quickly connect ideas, people, events, and concepts with a single word or phrase. Quibble is a smart game for smart people.

If you have that word game fever like I do, then be sure to check these games out. While they may not be as easy as some of the millions of time-frittering ones that are out there, at least you’ll get some mental exercise while taking those all-important iPhone breaks.


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