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We all have busy lifestyles, from juggling important commitments to finding time for shopping or dining out. With so many apps in the App Store available, see how you can get your life in order, as well as make things you enjoy doing even more fun. Below are 5 apps that will enhance your iPhone experience in many ways.

MightyMeeting : Virtual Meetings online


The ability to hold virtual meetings online is a business plus in an environmentally aware and cash conscious age. MightyMeeting lets you start a meeting direct from your iPhone. After inviting other attendees, you can quickly get down to the dealings of the day, with an interface that is clean and functional, thus helping to ensure that you and your team can focus properly.

There is also a discussion element to the app, great for when you don’t want to air information in a large meeting and prefer to have a one-to-one with a particular person. It’s fast and effective, working well over 3G, but obviously better over Wi-Fi.

Perhaps the most useful and awe-inspiring feature is the ability to run a presentation direct from the phone that can then be displayed on the smartphones of attendees. It can also be hooked up to a projector, so you don’t even need a laptop; handy when working with PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. You have to upload these via a computer using email, but it’s a simple enough process, and not one that should put you off.

Yearly : Never miss a birthday again


Yearly is a neat way of collating all of your contacts’ birthday information in one place. Birthdays are added to the app’s main date list by first adding the information into your iPhone’s contact book. The main feed will then update to show all birthdays in chronological order, together with notes, contact details and more.

It’s smart, but the contact book essentially does this already, displaying reminders of birthdays for anyone whose date of birth you’ve saved. Still, if you are renowned for forgetting birthdays and want to get your act together, it’s worth a look.

Garmin Fit : Turn your iPhone into a powerful training tool


There are a number of health and fitness-related apps designed to help you manage exercise routines, making your iPhone a valuable asset when starting out on a fitness program. Garmin Fit is aimed at anyone who walks, runs or cycles for fitness, using the iPhone’s built-in GPS technology to track and manage physical activity.

The app sports a well thought-out and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to view important at-a-glance statistics such as your current speed, distance travelled and calories burned. You even see a visual representation of the route you take on a map, and as a bonus, you can select a soundtrack for your workout.

If you already use Garmin fitness sensors, then you’ll be pleased to learn that you can also purchase an optional adapter that lets you receive speed/cadence data from your bicycle. It is a great value but remember that GPS using apps can quickly drain your battery.

PowerCam : feature-rich snap-app worth its weight in gold


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that an app is free, prompting you to probe it long and in order to find the hidden costs. There are none of these in PowerCam, and deep probing only serves to uncover more amazing features.

This is a truly essential photography app that comes laden with effects, filters and face-timers to help ensure that you always take the perfect shot. It even includes tilt-shift and color splash features, which require a whole new standalone app elsewhere. In a word – brilliant.

Book+ : Read multiple file types effectively


While this app serves primarily as a high-end book reader for iPhone, it also doubles up as a solid PDF viewer that surpasses what the iOS on-board reader is capable of. You can move les from your desktop to the app via iTunes and from there, view them at perfect resolution on your device’s screen.

You can turn pages by swiping, highlight passages and bookmark them with different color codes and create overlays such as box outs, arrows and more. It’s an expensive alternative, but a viable one.


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