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Finding Advertisers Online is now a very easy task. There are better ways to make money from advertising and if you aren’t being paid monthly for your ads you need to have a rethink. Here we will look at how to make more money from your website with the right web design and strategy.

Finding Advertisers

If you are currently only making money through your website from Google AdSense then you’re making a big mistake. Google AdSense essentially means that you are sending visitors away from your site and only getting very small compensation to the tune of a few cents – sometimes even .01.

What you have to take on board here is that the people who are paying you that amount are just like you – they run websites or online businesses too – but to them each visitor is worth more than that .01 cents or that 25 cents… well duh.

Basically from this we can then infer that these people have a better monetization method than you do quite simply as they are able to make more money from the same person. And that then suggests you need to do something about it.

Another Way

Let’s step back from this and look at it from another angle for a second. Let’s think about how much a magazine makes from its advertising. These magazines have anywhere between 3,000 to 50,000 readers a month. It sounds like a lot, but actually if you have a site with 1,000 views a day then you’re managing to get right in there with an impressive 30,000.

Now think about how much the adverts cost in those magazines. Considerably more than they cost on AdSense. To be fair Google AdSense doesn’t show the entire time for each advertiser meaning that each advertiser doesn’t get all those 30,000 views; but still there is a marked difference when you look at the fact that a free magazine can actually earn enough to turn a profit from advertisers alone.

In other words these companies are paying a large amount to advertise, and that’s because they’re paying directly (no Google middle man) and because they’re paying a monthly fee rather than a fee that’s based on the number of views.

How to Get More Money From Advertising

More importantly though, that’s what these advertisers are used to. They’re used to paying these huge monthly fees to go at the back of a magazine and to be seen by 10,000 viewers. These companies most likely are older than the ones on AdSense and they possibly don’t even know about this business model. To them all they care about is readership and price.

So if you can call them up then you can make a lot more money by offering them a monthly rate. To do this you first of all need a great web design.

This is very important as your site will become linked to their business in the minds of viewers and it’s important you make a good impression (no pun intended). Furthermore you need to include some prime real estate on your page for those adverts, and you need to discuss this with your web designers or consider it when making your own design.

And then all that’s left to do is to have some guts, call up the companies, and ask to speak to the CEO. It may even be worth going on a sales course or doing a sales job for a couple of days – but if you can promote your site well this way at least one day a month then you  can greatly increase your profits, and you’ll find it elevates the quality of your site at the same time.

When most people look at finding advertisers to monetize their website, they often look no further than Google AdSense. This is an ad network that can quickly and easily ‘partner’ ads with a website with Google acting as an intermediary for the publisher and advertiser so that there’s no work on your part.

The pay system is then ‘pay per click’ so that you get paid each time someone clicks on your advert, which in turn means that the more traffic you get to your site the more money you are likely to make.

This is all very good and well and it is of course an effective way to get money without putting in too much work. However it is not flawless and not even the best way to get advertising on your website – first and foremost because it only takes into account clicks rather than impressions, and secondly because Google takes a very heavy cut from the payments.

A Better Paid Ads Model

When you look at a free magazine or newspaper, these are companies which make large amounts of money from their advertising to such a degree that they don’t even need to charge for their magazines and can cover all of their costs. And these magazines will generally have circulations of 3,000 to 30,000.

It sounds like a lot, but if you get 1,000 unique views to your website a day… well then you’re getting 30,000 a month as well just like those free magazines. You should be getting paid a lot more then for the exposure than a few cents a click, and if you are smart then you can do so.

Advertising for Advertisers

What you need to do in this case then is to really push for advertisers so that you can get as many as possible to come to your site – and to do that one to one and make this one of the important things to do on your to-do list, rather than something that can take care of itself.

One way to do this is with good old fashioned telesales. Yes it’s scary, but if you really believe in your site and if you really want to be successful then this is the best way to do it.

You should look up businesses that are small to medium in size and where you have a chance of contacting the manager or the marketing director, and you should then basically explain to them why an advert on your site will be a great benefit to their business. The less tech savvy they are the better (sad but true) and if you can quote some statistics then that’s even better.

Meanwhile you can also try some lazier ways to find advertisers, for instance by advertising on a webmaster’s forum, or by advertising on your own website with a ‘your ad here’ logo. At the other end of the spectrum don’t be afraid to attend trade shows and fairs in order to promote your business in person to a whole industry and this is a very effective way to reach a large audience easily.

Your Web Design

To do all of this it is of course very important to have considered your web design carefully and to have created a professional look and feel to your website that Geelong advertisers will actually want to be associated with.

If your site doesn’t look professional enough, then zodiac advertisers won’t want to touch it. By chasing down some real businesses and big name advertisers you can this way ‘up your game’ and improve the entire level of your site.

At the same time you also need to ensure that your web design and layout considers advertising spaces. Advertising spaces should be discussed with designers at early stage and initially they can be used to do in-house advertising.

It’s often found that stuffing advertisements in an existing design is often not the most effective way for advertisers. If you have provisioned for advertising space, you can show the exact place where your Advertisers will see their ads.


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