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Tools for creating your own blog

Once you find your niche, select your blog domain name. Use words that allude to your topic or explain it. Before you register a name, be sure to check if it is not among the existing websites. If you do not know how to create a website and how to use the hypertext markup language (HTML), it’s better to refer to the existing online platform for blogs.


The most popular are Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and Squarespace. Ready-made templates are easy to use, but in contrast to the website that can be created on your own server, here you run the risk of losing your hobby. If the platform ceases to exist, everything you have done, may disappear.

Remember, you should always make backup copies of the published materials. Depending on what kind of blog you want to keep, you may need the following tools: a wireless modem to be able to engage in a blog when traveling or when you are not at your desk; editing software such as, Adobe PhotoShop; digital camera, video camera and recorder.

How to deal with the comments on the blog?

Some time ago in order to express your opinion concerning an article you needed to write a personal letter to the editor. Now, on the Internet, blog readers have the opportunity to comment on it in real time, showing their remarks in public. If you get a lot of comments, then you have a lot of visitors.


Since you are the moderator of comments, from the very beginning set clear rules for all participants. Put these rules on your blog, so that everyone understands that you will remove inappropriate comments that hurt somebody’s feelings. Comments are valuable, so do not hurry to press on the button Delete – remove them only if it is spam or abuse.

In some cases, you will get negative comments. This will happen if you :

  1. Express unpopular points of view;
  2. Criticize the products and services that appeal to the majority;
  3. “Troll”, ie mock someone;
  4. Give sharp answers to criticism.

You can share the comments with your blog visitors, but if someone speaks in a violent manner, it is better not to enter into conversation with him.

How to increase the number of visitors to the blog

Some people try to increase the number of visitors by suggesting help with assignment writing, for example and thus a lot of students use such bloggers to have more free time. To increase the number of visitors, simply write well and use all possibilities of the Internet which lead people to your site.

Learn the basics of site optimization for search engines (SEO). Use keywords – phrases that carry out searches in the search engines. In this case, the links to your blog will appear more often, for example, on Google, when potential reader is looking for something on your topic. Google AdWords service will tell you how to identify the most popular keywords.

SEO blog can be increased if you regularly add new positions, consistently adhere to a certain point of view in its publications, and keep up with current topics. Promote your blog on social media. Analytical services, such as Google Analytics, Woopra and Chartbeat allow to calculate the statistics of visits to your blog.



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