Top 5 Reasons why You’ll Want to Buy a Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung has recently introduced their new flagship smartphone model, Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S III is a good setup and a terminal that has many ballots to become the new king of the Androids. Here are some reasons, why you’ll want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s Smart

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 knows things. It knows when you are looking at it to keep the screen bright for best viewing. It knows when you want to make a phone call because you have raised the phone to your ear. In short the phone intuitively reacts to what you are doing and performs expected tasks.

It Shares

If you are embedded in social media this phone is designed to make sharing your life with others simple. You can send data to other Samsung Galaxy S3 phones simply by placing your phone back to back with another phone. The phone can identify friends from pictures and make sure it sends them a copy of that picture, and it can synchronize documents between itself and another device if you work somewhere away from the action.


The design of the phone packs all these features into a slim, ergonomic form while keeping a huge, 4.8 inch, HD, Amoled viewing area. The camera functionality automatically takes a stream of eight photographs and then selects the best one to keep. If you’re watching a movie on that beautiful screen and want to text, it keeps the movie in a smaller window while you send your text or email.


A variety of accessories support all these new features in a slim form making them both attractive yet not obtrusive in your life. The Allshare Cast Dongle attaches to your television but stays out of the way so you can show what is on your phone on a larger screen. The desktop docking station is also small but attractive for when you need to get your phone and your computer connected.


Perhaps the best reason to get the Samsung Galaxy S III is, well, it’s a Samsung. Samsung revolutionized the Android phone market with the introduction of the Galaxy S line of phones. The raised the bar with the Galaxy SII’s release. Now they have leap past the bar with the planned release of the new Galaxy S III phone.

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Other phones try to carry the label of ‘iphone killer’ but you don’t need to kill what you have evolved past. The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is the next step in cell phone evolution. Go see one today.


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