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A large majority of people own smartphones. Research says that approximately 1000 new phones are purchased everyday in UK alone. Due to advancement in technology new features and new versions of phones come up every year. Thus, the old phones become obsolete and are kept in some corner of the house.


Some people even throw away their phones in bins. The phones are non biodegradable and lay aimlessly on the grounds withering away. The mobile phones have several harmful and precious metals such as cadmium that tend to harm the soil and contaminate the water system.

So, never plan to throw away your phone. The better option is selling off your phone. is one such incredible website where you can sell off your phone at a reasonable price. This will give you sufficient funds to grab a brand new cell phone.

Why to choose over others?

Sell my phone will take away your phone and will offer you a reasonable amount of cash for your old cell phone. Selling your cell phones on sellmyphone is absolutely simple, quick and easy.

The users can simply register themselves on the website if they are planning to sell a phone. Once the user registers to the website, it will keep the user updated and guide him with the entire process. As soon as will receive the phone on their location, they will immediately process your payment and you will receive it in less than 24 hours of receipt of phone.

The additional advantage of choosing over others is that by using the website you can easily determine the amount offered for your phone. The services offered by SellMyPhone are exceptionally commendable. Below, we have listed the reasons that will affirm your decision to choose over others.

Same Day Payment

The day the package is received by the company your payments will be processed. You can choose the method of payment as Bank Transfer or by PayPal account.

Competitive Pricing

The company has conducted vital research and ensures to offer the best possible price to all its customers. Moreover, there are also multiple deals available for a wide range of different models of the phone.

100% Customer Satisfaction ensured

There will never be any complaints from the customers with regards to the price. The company ensures full payment to the customer on the same day of receipt of the phone. In case you haven’t received your full payment, you can claim your phone back. The phone will be received back in the same condition as sold.

Step by step guide to sell phone online for cash

Step 1: There is a search box available on the homepage of the website. Type the make and model of the phone, which you are planning to sell, in the search box.

Step 2: Thereafter an appropriate price will be generated for the phone you wish to sell. Next, you will have to type in your IMEI number and then click on sell my phone.

Step 3: In the next step you will have to fill in the details as required such as, the mode of payment, the requirement of envelope, etc. On completion of all the necessary details, you can post the phone that you wish to sell on the address mentioned in the website.

Step 4: On the receipt of the package, will process your payments and the payment will be issued to you within a span of 24 hours.

Final Words

Above, we have provided you a complete guide to sell your phone for cash online on Follow, the steps given above and avail maximum value for your old phone online.

Best services are ensured by Sell My Phone. So, you no longer need to think twice before choosing this online service.


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