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Dropbox Redesign brings the new and more intuitive interface. The website for storing and sharing data has been completely revised and corrected. You will now find an easier interface to use and can display photos and videos in full screen mode.

As per official blog about Dropbox Redesign –

One of our main goals was to slim down dropbox.com and focus on the star of the page: your stuff. We’ve put all the tools you need at your fingertips, but only when you need them.  The new action bar at the top of the screen does it all. Think of it as a multi-tool that adjusts to your needs. You can use it to sort your files by name, date, size, and type.

The strength of Dropbox Redesign service is its synchronization of files and folder. Synchronization that works on almost all platforms. I personally have never liked the interface of the Dropbox website. The icons were small, the menus are difficult to access and control of shared folders and files were not always of course.

The new release fixes a large extent of these gaps. All menus are now accessible from the new toolbar. This bar displays different menus when you select a directory or file. To list the files you share, just click the menu “Sharing” found in the left sidebar.

Dropbox Redesign finally offers the ability to display photos, videos and slide show in full screen mode. This display is also available for photos and videos you share.

This Dropbox Redesign update significantly improves the navigation and control at the level of shared folders and files. As an alternative, I suggest the Box.net.


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