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This article will cover things about SEO Competitor Research in details. Remember the good old days when SEO professionals were used to monitor SEO Competitor Research practices of their competitors just to figure out what unique things they are doing. This involve spying on their keywords, anchor texts and of course, the most interesting part, checking their back links profiles to figure out if you have missed out on any possible link opportunity.

SEO Competitor Research

But situation has changed a lot in the past few months. Back links checking is now being treated as a sacrilegious offence. Using the anchor texts that your competitors are using could land your website in troubled land as Penguin is lashing out at sites with heavily gamed link profiles with exact anchor texts link and spying on other’s keywords is wastage of time too, as Google has its own sophisticated keywords research tools.

So does this mean the end of the SEO competitor research? Of course, it is not but the trends are changing and we need to adapt to the growing changes like making SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist and finding SEO Competitor Analysis Tool. Know more about SEO Competitor Research in details with the following mentioned points.

It is Not Just Back links

Previously, SEO professionals were in the habit of checking the back links of their competitor websites just to create a list of websites to approach for link building purpose. There was zero effort to build relation and sometimes, they did not even try to figure out whether the links are going to add any value to their websites or not.

Since they are being squeezed all the time for meeting a particular number of links, they gave a dame to the quality of the links. In the rush for meeting quantity, they approach sites with questionable back link profile or duplicate content.

As obvious, the basic objective of offering greater value to users goes lost somewhere in the hustle. Rather than looking for link opportunities, you should treat this link as an opportunity to figure out how they are getting links naturally (if any). What practices they are following that helping them earn links and SEO Competitor Research.

It is Not Anchor Text

Do not press yourself too hard to come up with keywords heavy anchor texts just because your competitors are using them. This practice can back fire at any point of time and make your website get heavily penalized. Rather than analyzing what keywords your competitors are targeting or using for building spammy links, you should channelize your effort to figure out what keywords people are actually using to search for products.

Once you pinpoint those keywords, try to create a great blog post, an infographic or anything that can help your website earn some links naturally. You can also use SEOmoz plugin for link building. I know this is time consuming but at least you will have the peace of mind that your website is Penguin proof. Read more about Penguin update here.

PageRank Does Not Matter At All

PR or PageRank  is a common metric, which is widely used to judge the quality of a website. But this is flawed metric as well. You simply cannot judge a website from its PR. You need to check the content of this website, check its inbound links and other SEO factors before you decide to approach it for guest blogging or something of that kind.

Rather than rushing after high PR sites, you should concentrate on those websites where real engagement happens. I mean where you can see people spending time, communicating with each other, sharing, tweeting or Liking posts. These are some of the pertinent signs of a great website. Back links from these sites are more powerful and influential.

Go Slow

Do not be greedy, follow all above SEO Competitor Research steps. As SEO is a long-term process and that being said, I want to convey this feeling that you cannot expect turn things into your favor by approaching sites in the same networks. Getting links from the same network is not going to help you in any way. Rather you should concentrate on earning links from diverse sources that will go a long bulletproofing visibility of your website in the SERP.

I hope this article about SEO Competitor Research and Free SEO Competitor Analysis will help you to find Lam Research Competitors. Share your views via comments below on SEO Competitor Research.


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