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Pinterest is probably about the time on the Web. This social platform which currently is only accessible by invitation and whose audience is predominantly female disrupts the way to exchange ideas and web links.

How Pinterest Is Different from other Social Networks ?

So far, the majority of social platforms that are successful , offer their users to share their discoveries with the text. If you are active on social media as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ you share thoughts, ideas, and you’re reviewing the written word. Obviously, you can share photos and video on social platforms. However, the structure of these networks revolves around the articles and written comments.

This is where Pinterest comes to my mind overturn the deal and propose a radically different approach. The text is of little importance on Pinterest, and everything must be contained in the image. These are only pictures, images and artwork that are somehow drive belts which we redirect to the written content.

Pinterest: What is it?

As I mentioned, Pinterest social network is all about images. We could call it a social bookmarking service for the images. Better yet, you can say it is a bulletin board (Boards) where we share our thoughts through pictures. These bulletin boards that are called Boards may for example be used to collect images that inspire you to the decor of your home, your favorite recipes, create a list of movies you have viewed or share perfumes or designer clothes you enjoy.

Bulletin boards that you assemble on Pinterest are obviously public. You can also upgrade your assemblages by biting ideas published by other users of Pinterest.

Why you should use Pinterest ?

In my opinion, Pinterest is the ideal platform  which will meet consumers and businesses. This service has the potential to appeal to all consumers who want to create lists of objects and visual images based on themes they love.


For professionals, it’s different. This service is not suitable for any type of activity. Pinterest is perfect for companies who work in restoration, perfumes, clothing, decoration or any type of activity where it is possible to combine the images to a product or service.

Does Pinterest is a flash in the pan?

Pinterest strategy is very interesting. Although this service is present on the web for over a year, it is still only available by invitation. This creates a scarcity of supply and demand pressures.

While Pinterest is only available to those who have access to an invitation, it’s already a social network that receives the most visitors. According to Hitwise, while nearly 32 million visitors were recorded last November. Pinterest is already part of the list of 10 most visited social media Web.

More interestingly, Pinterest becomes a generator of traffic. Shareaholic determined that this service generates more traffic than Google+, Linkedin and YouTube combined. So do Pinterest is a flash in the pan? No, there is a trend that forces us to take seriously this “new form” of web service.


Pinterest is probably one of the most interesting web platforms of the moment. It’s use will certainly evolve gradually as the number of users increases. For companies that are still few, they probably will arrive in large numbers in the coming months.

Temporary phenomenon? No, Pinterest is I think could revolutionize the design and how to use social media. I would not be surprised that Facebook, Google+ Twitter or trying to go the way of doing Pinterest. On your side, what do you think of Pinterest?

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