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In this day and age, any innovative business that wants to move with the times will have to learn how to use social media. With the developments of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter business networking and advertising has peaked an all time high. Many other similar sites are coming up which can play a huge role in driving your business.


Twitter is a free social networking site and a micro blogging program that allows its users to send and reads posts. These posts are called tweets. Tweets are posts that have about a hundred characters which are sent out to followers and displayed on the user’s page.

There can be no denial that Twitter has become really popular. This is because of the unique way it updates your social networking in real time. With about 200 registered million users, it would be wise to use this social media to drive up your business. When you take into account that Twitter posts can be written quickly, are easy to read, public, opt-in, and accessible across the globe then you have an extremely powerful, real-time way of marketing.

As a business, Twitter can be used to quickly share information, gather market intelligence and insights, and build relationships with people who care about your company. Often, there is already a conversation about your business happening on Twitter.

Users can choose to subscribe to your account and follow your messages, which will then be added to their timeline along side the messages of other accounts they follow. We will discuss ways of effectively using Twitter as a business tool.

Although you intend to use Twitter for business, use a human profile picture as opposed to a business logo. This creates a personal touch to your followers rather than a person rather than just being there to advertise your products and services at every opportunity. You can also sign off your tweets with your signature or initials making your messages more personal.

Be thoughtful when using your Twitter account by asking your followers information your services and products. By making them to participate you will be interactive, and people really like interacting.When you get new followers, show them your care by Tweeting them and informing them that you appreciate it.

You can also use hash tags to begin conversations on your products or services but be wise not to overdo it because I becomes really irritating. Provide relevant information and advice to your followers on your business and lie of work thus building your trust and reputation.

As a businessman, you can exchange your business card with other businessmen and professionals through an application at You can also make much use of Twellow or Twitter search to find other people in your line of work. Through this you can build a network of other business professionals in your field.

When running discounts or promotions on your products or services, use Twitter. However do not overdo it because people are repulsed when people just shove them with their products continuously and they will also shove you back. Also, you can use Twitter to handle the client’s complaints and also receive their compliments. Thus your followers will be closer to you and see you as mindful of their opinions.

When you have functions and events, take pictures and Twitter them using an application known as TwitPic to give your followers a glimpse and a peek into your line of work. When releasing a new brand, product or service you can use Twitter to build a hype and curiosity among your followers.

As you can see, it’s real easy to make innovative use of Twitter for improving your business. Plus you can sync your Twitter account with your phone and Tweet while on the move. Why not give it a try.


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