iPhone Apps For Healthy Eyes

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Staring at the computer for hours on end, playing video games and tapping away on handheld devices can cause numerous problems for our eyes over time. With an ever-increasing selection of console and computer games, more and more time is being spent staring at screens.

iPhone Apps For Healthy Eyes

In an age where the computer is often a central part of our lives both at work and at home, it is important that we maintain good eye health and take steps to ensure our eyes are well looked after. And now it is exactly those devices that are offering an answer instead of a problem. The iPhone apps that can help you test your vision and inform you of when you may need to arrange an appointment to see your ophthalmologist. Check out the following list of iPhone apps;

1. Eye Check from Boots Opticians

With a choice of four tests including Visual Acuity, Astimatism, Duochrome and Colour, the tests offer easy-to-follow steps which result in a recommendation or piece of advice to ensure your eyes are being properly cared for.

The results are clearly presented and there is an additional section providing tips for good eye health, which includes wearing sunglasses and attending regular eye examinations. There is also a map feature on the app which directs you to your nearest Boots Opticians.

2. Vision Test from 3 Sided Cube Design Ltd

Named the top medical app in 2010, offers tests for visual acuity, astigmatism, color blindness, and distance tests amongst others.

The test is great for monitoring visual progress and decline and can help identify problems which can then be treated early. Once again, the tests are easy to complete and informative.

3. EyeXam from Global EyeVentures

This app comprises a distance test, color test and macula test. The tests are thorough and easy to follow with on-screen instructions and the design is consistent throughout. The tests (as below) inform you of which test you are taking, in this instance the test for 20/20 vision.

Whilst nothing can replace expert advice from a qualified practitioner, these iPhone apps are great for on-the-go check-ups in between visits to your doctor and ophthalmologist. All the above apps are free of charge and easy to download to your iPhone or iPad.

Eyes are extremely sensitive to light, changes in temperature and other conditions faced by everyday living. Always protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with sunglasses and avoid staring at LCD screens for too long. Have regular breaks away from screens and ensure the room you are in is adequately-lit and ventilated.

Which apps you know for healthy eyes ? share with us via comments below.


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