SwiftKey – The Funky Keyboard is Now available for iPhone and iPad

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Do you know SwiftKey? It is an alternative keyboard for Android smartphones and tablets. In fact, SwiftKey is so effective that it is a real productivity tool. This keyboard is now available on the iOS for iPhone and iPad.

SwiftKey note

As you probably know, Apple does not allow developers and users to replace native applications and features. This is the case of the keyboard. To override this rule, SwiftKey keyboard has integrated its application. This approach is attractive, but as SwiftKey keyboard is not available on all applications its use is still quite limited.

So, for an application that is called SwiftKey Note that this keyboard is available. This is an application of simple taking notes, but it’s so effective.

If you’ve used SwiftKey for Android, you will probably be disappointed. Several features are missing from the iOS version. For example, the input mode that allows flow to literally draw your words, themes, the ability to customize the application and analysis of email and Twitter accounts have not been integrated into the iOS version. By cons, SwiftKey uses Evernote to try to analyze the words you use most often.


If you are a user of Evernote, you will probably like SwiftKey Note. It is possible to link these two applications together. This allows you to grow your new notes to Evernote and access to those existing since SwiftKey Note. This free application provides an interface and a dictionary in French and Canadian French.


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