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People usually relate ninja’s with high class fights and mind boggling body tricks. And when it comes to gaming, these assassins are normally shown in several fight games.  But apple designers had come up with a unique idea of using ninja’s and their skills to mine gems and treasures. What followed this idea was the game named “Ninja Miner” by Vitaliy Sidorov.

Ninja Miner

Ninja Miner

Ninja Miner is a brand new game with a very simple and easy-to-learn gaming model. It consists of a ninja in mining ground who uses his agility and fighting skills to collect various precious stones. Users are supposed to mine as many gems as possible while trying not to get killed by moving rocks and water.

Ninja Miner for iOS & Android – Review

This innovative game has already made its name to the top of several online gaming website for receiving a high number of online user hits. Soon to become an online gaming sensation, the game offers itself to be the perfect way to pass your time instead of sitting idle.

Ninja Miner app is available in the iTunes online market and can be run on both iPhone and iPad. The game comprises of 64 different levels, each with a customizable difficulty level. What makes it even more unique is its main character- the ninja. This is so because Ninja’s are not always related to such games.


With several challenging survival modes, the designers have made the game even tougher to play and complete. This way, users can challenge themselves by choosing different difficulty levels. Further on, there are 4 background themes to choose from. So basically, users can customize the gaming environment in any way they like it.

Basic software requirements for Apple users are:

  • iOS version should be 5.0 or later.

  • Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone touch (4th and 5th generation) and iPad.

Ninja Miners is not just any random child’s play game. Users must maneuver skilfully around turns and corners to collect gems while making sure they do not get hit by rotating rocks. Some other levels consist of a water level which keeps rising, and users must have done collecting gems by the time it reaches the gaming field. All such obstacles and even more keeps the game very interesting.


A limited and miniature version of Ninja Miners was released as a Flash game in June 2013. After that, various online gaming sites launched the game which eventually became highly popular among users to such an extent that it was played over 8 million times in the first two months.

Apart from claiming treasures, users can optimize their gaming experience by gaining achievements. There are 25 game center achievements included in the game. Users can score higher by securing combos. The game contains several items to pick such as the treasures and a key that unlocks to the next level.

Ninja Miner application varies in size from android to apple. iTunes has a download file size of 38.4 mb for version 1.0.1. Users can also download this game from Google play where its size is about 12 MB.

Ninja Miner Trailer for iOS and Android

Customers have reviewed the game to be very addictive and a lot of fun. The Ninja character in the game is clothed in black dress and a black mask covering its face which is much like an original ninja. This way, programmers introduced the element of actuality in the game which the users like very much.

Fun, tough, addictive- the list can go on and on about Ninja Miner. But nevertheless, it is the kind of game you would want to play all day long with your friends and cousins. In all, Ninja Miner is a completely light hearten pass time alternative to an otherwise boring day.


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