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Google Drive could be available in the first week of April 2012. According to GiGAOM blog and sources, the storage service Google provide a Web interface and a client that will install on the workstations.

Rumor has  held long that, Google is working on the establishment of Google Drive. This service, which would synchronize the storage space already available on Google Docs with one or more workstations.

Earlier this year, some users had seen buttons and menus that presaged the arrival of the service file synchronization of Google. GIGAOm blog does not mention whether it will be Google Docs or a new virtual disk space that will be used by Google. However, all indications are that this will indeed Google Documents to serve as a shell for Google Drive.

Already, since 2010, it is possible store any file type on Google Docs. Last July, Google has increased the maximum weight of files that can be uploaded to Google Docs from January to October. It therefore lacks a synchronization service accessibility and mobility to make Google Docs a universal virtual disk space.

The cloud storage service is said to be bringing users 1GB of free storage, with an option of expanding storage if you pay. This service will be live Dropbox and


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