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Now Copy your documents, whiteboards and handwritten notes with your camera phone or digital camera to store, fax, email or publish! Qipit turns this handy device into a portable scanner, copier and fax machine, and the user-friendly Qipit service also works with your digital camera at home or the office. Use Qipit to capture and share anything written or printed. Wherever you’re at. Whenever you need it.

Features :

  • Turn documents, notes and whiteboards into digital copies (PDFs)
  • Email or fax qipit digital copies via email, your online Qipit account, or right from your phone
  • Store all of your paper documents and notes as digital documents for easy archiving and sharing
  • Tag your qipit documents for easy searching and sorting
  • Publish and share your documents on the web

What’s Qipit ?

The Qipit service is based on sophisticated, highly optimized image-processing algorithms. As a result, Qipit delivers crisp, clear, digital copies of your documents thereby offering a whole new way to capture, store and share written and printed information.



Just Take a picture of a document with your camera phone. Send the picture from your phone or via email to You’ll receive a link to the online digital copy of your document. Free!

Links : Qipit Homepage


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