Top 5 iPhone Apps that Will Lower Your Cholesterol

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Apple’s iPhone is the best selling smartphone in the world, and with good reason. Not only does the device offer a quality experience when making and receiving calls and optimal mobile web browsing, you can also download wonderful quality apps from the iTunes App Store.

Many of these can help you to be more productive, keep your finances in order, entertained and for getting more fit and healthy. Keeping that in mind, there are plenty of great apps regarding cholesterol — such as in lowering it or maintaining healthy levels — that you can download that should be explored.

1. Cholesterol Busters

Cholesterol Busters is a great app that costs $3.99 at Apple’s App Store. It is a handy tool to have right at your fingertips on your iPhone that is essentially a book on a 15 day detox plan that can help you to reduce your cholesterol level if it is too high. It was created by Sunita Pant Bansal, a dietician who has had over 600 articles published. There are plenty of great tips in the app on changing your eating habits, losing weight, exercising and stopping smoking and alcohol.

2. Cholesterol Log

Cholesterol Log costs 99 cents on the App Store and is a great app to have for keeping track of your cholesterol levels. It also offers you tons of information about cholesterol, including what is considered high and what’s considered to be normal, healthy levels. Unlike other similar apps, this one offers a thorough look at all details pertaining to cholesterol, including your total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides. With it, you can record your own personal levels on a daily basis, as often as you want. The interface is user friendly and easy to learn.

3. Cholesterol Cutter

Cholesterol Cutter is $1.99 from the App Store and is a useful tool to have on your iPhone. It enables you to come up with a great plan to reduce your cholesterol levels when they are too high and offers good tips on how to do so by providing tips on exercise plans, diet plans, treatment and allows you to create a journal or diary of your overall progress.

4. Cholesterol Coach

Cholesterol Coach is a great app for iPhone users that costs 99 cents. Through this app, you can obtain plenty of information about cholesterol, whether you want tips on changing your diet, setting realistic fitness goals for yourself, how to interpret the results of your blood cholesterol tests and other similar tips. You can create graphs to track your progress as you take measures to lower your cholesterol level as well, which can really help to motivate you.

5. CholesterolTracker

CholesterolTracker, which is an app that costs 1.99 cents, is a handy item to have right at your fingertips on your iPhone. It can help you to keep track of your cholesterol levels, including LDL, HDL and triglycerides. You will receive plenty of information pertaining to cholesterol as well.

If you guys know some more iPhone apps that will help to lower Cholesterol then share with us via comments below.


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