Apple; 1, Samsung; 0. Is Apple going to win this war?

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The impending case against Apple and Samsung was ruling the entertainment and technology news all around the world. As both technology geniuses tried to win a war, users didn’t know which side would win or which is preferable but after the new stance people could pick out Apple as their favorite contender as it has won the first battle it waged against Samsung.


The result came out and the court proclaimed that Samsung really had stolen Apple’s design of the IPad and implemented it in the Galaxy Tab. As a result Samsung is asked to stop the production of the product and design something suitable using their own creativity. The American District Judge said that Samsung had the equal right to compete in the market but unfair competition isn’t vouched for in America or any other country in the market as it’s a legal issue when infringement is concerned. Samsung was competing unfairly in the market by issuing its Galaxy Tab and needs to implement controls in their designing process.

According to Samsung they don’t find the result very disturbing. They say that their Galaxy Line has other Tablets so it won’t affect their business negatively if they decide to leave the Galaxy Tab out of their product line. Samsung’s statement about the seriousness of the situation makes users wonder about the power and profitability of this company but when Samsung filed an appeal consumers were confused. Rather than taking the fall quietly Samsung decided to fight again, a little battle it has already lost.

The Tablet case isn’t as strong as other Samsung and Apple conflicts. The increasing similarities between their smart-phones have also caused a patent lawsuit that both companies have filed and no decision has been made about that. As Samsung’s Galaxy S3 entered the market they have appealed to Apple’s existing and potential users by providing a slim phone with a large display screen and features that are voice-controlled giving users a more serious stance towards the phone.

According to recent news, Apple has been given twenty-seven patents recently to initiate its new technology with smart-phone and tablets that will help Apple design a better navigation and touch-screen experience in the coming technologies.

Going in detail these patents will include Apple providing an inductive charging dock as well as a light sensitive display. Now with new found patents many users are thinking if this means new lawsuits and court cases? If competitors try to opt for something similar they will be charged with infringement and the countless legal war will start again.

So who do you think will win this war? Samsung or Apple? Both are unimaginably profitable and have market worth that’s staggeringly high. Their consumer loyalty is increasing day by day and they’re pulling on new consumers by their innovative features and ideas. As Apple has already won the first case users can’t stop but siding with Apple. The technological innovator may have won one war but that doesn’t mean that the Korean company will let it go easily.

Although Samsung has suffered a blow they have countered back by saying that the American market is not ready for the availability of “superior technology” hence they’ll try to cut it down in these markets. Throwing a jibe at its possible consumer market isn’t the best decision but Samsung shouldn’t worry much. It’s got other countries and continents to penetrate and with the recession falling down consumers around the world are getting back at their feet giving Samsung newer untapped markets and new potential users.


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