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Vishal Gaikar

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On May 27, 2015
Last modified:April 30, 2016


Twicer is the coolest app to capture the moment, record a commentary and share videos anytime, anywhere.

Do you use Twicer? This is an innovative new iPhone video application. Twicer allows you to create a video and Add commentary to it. A bit like Twitch or video report.

Twicer app

Twicer concept is simple and easy to use

Twicer like what you find on Twitch or conventional screencast. You have the main video which fills the entire window. The you can add the video comment to that video. The person who commented on the video appears in the upper right of the window. You can also called the recorded video as a Twice- a video-in-a-video.

Twicer iPhone screens

You can use twicer for many use cases. You could create a video of your recipes and then comment on it. This tool can also be used in a fun way.

Twicer allows you to use the videos from your iPhone, or to create a new one. Once the main video is complete, you save the video for your comments and then you have record a second video for comment. You can also use the second video from your iPhone photo/video library.

Twicer Phone screens

You can then add a caption and adjust the sound level of the two videos. This allows you to reduce the noise level of the main video. Once you have completed your video, you can publish it to Twicer and share on other social networks.

Retwice on Twicer is similar to Retweet on Twitter

The Retwice, it is the action to comment on the video from another user. You published a video on Twicer. One of your friends or someone you do not know could press the “Retwice” button and comment on your video.

Here is the complete list of Twicer features-

  • Record a video, or import existing videos directly from their phone.
  • Add a video commentary to their favorite videos.
  • Instantly share their commented videos on their favorite social networks.
  • Follow and interact with people all over the world and keep up with their Twices.
  • Explore Twicer Channels and Editor’s Picks to discover unique video content.
  • Send private video messages directly to their friends.
  • Retrace on others’ videos

As on many web video hosting services, Twicer allows you to embed videos on your website or blog. To retrieve the URL of a video, simply select the “Share to others” – button and then “Copy”. The video link will be copied to the clipboard of your iPhone.

This mobile application is part of the web movement and mobility where the video is put forward. Applications like Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and recently launched Periscope and helped transform the mobile device users by broadcasters.

Twicer has a different approach. It is a space where you create video chats. I suggest you try Twicer, the concept is interesting and innovative. Twicer is currently available for iPhone users and will be soon available for Android devices as well. You can join the waiting list for android.

Download Twicer for iPhone

Twicer is the coolest app to capture the moment, record a commentary and share videos anytime, anywhere.

Vishal Gaikar

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